Chemistry Stories

So we just finished another scimatics project called Chemistry Stories. During this project we studied an assortment of various Chemistry concepts. After learning and understanding more about chemistry we applied this knowledge to a keynote animation about different chemical bonds.

We started this project 2 weeks before winter break and it ended in January. I found that this project was bit badly timed due to the facts it lasted almost 3 months including winter break and just was overall not timed well.

We started this project as always with a mind map this helps us gets the things we know about chemistry already and what we want to learn/questions we have. I based my mindmap off one project we did last year which included a lot of chemistry knowledge, I felt this helped as I could add more questions and come up with more responses. This is my mind map.

After we studied more about ionic and covalent compounds we spent some time creating and planning out our story boards, we had to create two separate story boards that each showed the ionic and covalent. The chemicals were Ionic compound: Lithium Nitride,

Covalent Compound: phosphorus trichloride.

This is my final story board for my ionic compound

And this is my final story board for my covalent compound


Questioning and predicting: In my mindmap you can see I used my previous knowledge from our project last year to further expand my understanding about sub atomic particles, atoms and their properties. I also furthered my learning by completing and revising all of the multiple choice questions in the workbooks throughout this project.

Communicating: My final video is evidence of my learning in this competency it showed evidence of an understanding of scientific concepts such as ionic and covalent compounds. You could see the progress of my understanding of these scientific concepts develop as my project went on.

Processing and analyzing: I use my work book pages as evidence of this competency as it shows that I used my class time efficiently without distractions.

This is my final animation

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