Time is Money

So we just finished our final scimatics project called time is money, in this project we were tasked with making a business, seeing if it could survive and whether it would turn a profit or be unsuccessful. This project was overall more of a math project then a science project but there was some science involved I’ll get to that later.

First I needed to know what I was going to sell, I decided to sell a service which was gardening due to the fact that there are a lot of people near my house you need help trimming their hedges or ripping up weeds.

The middle of the project was dedicated to khan academy quizzes and learning how to do stuff like linear graphing and finding similar equations. The khan academy quizzes were ridiculously difficult. I needed to get a lot of help from my brother and he eventually taught me how to do graphing.

Next, we had to record our data and create our equations. We put our data into a numbers chart and separated it into topics like startup fees, sale-price, and time my final chart looked like this    Next I had to log my data and turn it into a equation i made 2 they looked this


I also made a graph in the graphing application Desmos. This was literally just my equation in graph from, so it was important that I got the equation right.

Finally I made a short video explaining my process throughout the project I’ll link it here


The driving question for this project is “How can we predict our finances for the future?” This project hasn’t taught me that much I don’t know already but i still learnt a couple interesting things, Investments can greatly help if you do them smartly, whether it be for a business or stocks you need to know how to tell if your investment is doing well and whether your losing or gaining money.

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