Running a Remake!!!

The Idea!!!

What was this project? Hi! I’m Erin! I’m apart of a really amazing program called PLP and this was our latest project called Running a Remake! What is PLP? Click the link! The main idea of this project was to recreate the short horror film RUN. When I mean recreate I mean to try and get every detail the exact same as the original. Our main driving questions were “How might we recreate “Run”?” and “how might we learn video skills by recreating a short film?” . I’ll answer that question a little later but first let’s look at the process!

The Process!!!

Attempt 1!!!

Attempt number one. In PLP we fail a lot because that’s how we learn. We can’t succeed without failure. For attempt 1 we went out into the woods for the first half of the day to film. This was very fun for me because I’ve always loved creating short concept videos. This was very early in the project so at this pointe we hadn’t fully grasped the idea of recreating. For the second half of the day we edited. We didn’t fully understand that we needed to make every angle the exact same and all the small details had to be there. For those reasons attempt 1 was not amazing it was ok but it could be better. We were missing the small details like the white stripes on the sweater or the exact camera angles. For editing we were missing things like the sounds. Our sounds didn’t really sound the same. How were we gonna get the right sounds? At the end of editing we showed the whole class and our teachers. We received really kind, helpful and specific feedback. Now knowing what needed to be fixed we came back the next day ready to re film!

Attempt 2!!!

Attempt number two or our final attempt. We came back the next day knowing exactly what needed to be done. We came prepared with all of the supplies for all of the small details that we missed the first time around. Filming on day two went a lot smoother than day one however there were still some challenges. We now knew every exact shot and angle we needed to get so that was better but because we were filming on a trail in the woods we had the struggle of people walking by. It was hard to film longer clips because we didn’t want to get the people in the shot but we also wanted to get the shot. We filmed this in school so we only had so long to film before we had to go back at the end of class. For editing we found the right sounds, fonts and transitions in the end! Everything worked out in the end. After having many strangers walk by we learned that we have to watch for people and make sure we are ready to film the second the people are gone.

My Team!!!

Who did I work with? I was in a group with Julien, Ryder, Nathan and Quinn. We created a group chat with all of us in it so we would all know what’s up outside of school. Everyone knew what they needed to bring and if someone didn’t have something they could just ask the group and the problem would be fixed. I feel that our groups communication skills were very good. We were really good with seeing problems and communicating on ways we could fix them. I also think that we were very focused while filming and editing.

The Main Questions!!!

How might we recreate “Run”? This was one of our driving questions and at first I wasn’t able to really answer it but now I think I’ve got it. My answer was everything I just talked about. Failing and fixing those mistakes is my answer. We didn’t get it at first but in the end we figured it out. It was definitely a challenge to figure out how to recreate a short film slide by slide. But we got it! We had the video there to look at and we made a storyboard with every angle and all the times on it ready to go for filming. How might we learn video skills by recreating a short film? I have a lot of answers to this question. What did I learn? I learned that you have to be 100% ready before filming. You have to have know every single tiny detail before you start the filming. I learned even the smallest of details can throw the video off. Everything has to be exact. I learned new ways to edit and new techniques.

The Video!!!

You are probably wanting to see the end result at this pointe. Well here it is! This the version where we compared the two videos. Can you tell which is which?



This was a fun start to PLP 9. I really enjoyed the process of making this short film. It was very fun and I hope we get to do something like it again!