Hello! It’s time for another humanities/maker blog post! I am in a very cool program at school called PLP. This past project was very fun, weird and different. In this post I will talk about all the milestones in this project, what I learned and how I failed.

Milestone One!!!

Milestone one was probably my favourite milestone. We all brought in about three old, used stuffies that we didn’t really care about. In class we got to cut and tear the stuffies and sew different parts together to create a new stuffie. This was very, very fun. After we had a final creation we got to create a character file. The character file had information such as their name, age, job and things like that. I named my stuffie Murphy. Murphy is an otter with a squirrels tail and bunny ears. We made sure to take lots of pictures and videos of the stuffies and parts we used before and after. Here is Murphy!

This is Murphy!!!

Milestone Two!!!

For milestone two we did a lot of work with comprehending text and we got to make a short story! We did a lot of exercises and activities to help us with writing. We did reading exercises which I really enjoyed. We also got to make a short story for our frankenstuffie. Our story had to show our frankenstuffie and include the Industrial Revolution. Throughout this whole project we were learning about the Industrial Revolution. We had to to connect our stuffie with the Industrial Revolution and show an example of transformation. My story is about how Murphy lives in a village were the air is filled with pollution from the factories. The current king has made the village very divided and there is a lot of inequality. Murphy decides he wants to change this. After we had written our short story we got to do a peer critique. I love peer critiques as they allow me to fix mistakes that I might have missed and I get someone’s opinion on my story.

Milestone Four!!!

Before I continue with milestone four you are probably wondering where milestone three is. Our teacher canceled milestone three and decided just to head straight into milestone four. For milestone four we got to pick a part of our story and turn it into a short film. Then we got to create a screenplay for it. This was very exciting for me as I have never made a screenplay before. A screenplay is kinda like a script. A screenplay is very broad and just kinda has the lines and who says them. They’re very cool.

Milestone Five!!!

For milestone five we got to create a storyboard. I’ve done a storyboard a few times before now and I find they are very helpful. A story is a frame by frame shot drawn out with the exact time, angle and view. This makes it very easy when you got to film because you know exactly what your going to do.

Milestone Six!!!

Milestone six was final finished film! It took a lot to get there but the path was really fun. I got to use green screens and voice overs. I am very happy with my final result. I worked really hard and I think it turned out well. This is my film!

Click here to watch!


Overall this project was very fun. We got to do things like cutting stuffies heads off to learning about the Industrial Revolution. I can’t wait for our next project after winter break! Thanks for reading! Bye for now!