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What is this video? Why did I make it? How might we use artifacts and film to show the significance of WWI?

Hi I’m Erin and welcome to my blog!!! Im in a program at school called PLP. Click on the link to learn all about PLP. This post is about our last project called The Great War Exhibit. We got to pick a soldier and research about them. We also got to pick an artifact from this really cool WWI box from The Canadian War Museum. Keep reading to learn all about this cool project!!!

The Artifact!!!

The Artifact. We got to pick an artifact out of a WWI box from the Canadian War Museum. I chose the soldiers photo album. At the beginning of WWI in between 1914 and 1915 soldiers were allowed to bring their own cameras with them to the camps and war. The reason why they were only allowed to do this at the start of the war is because later on it was banned as they didn’t want information of whereabouts getting out. When soldiers did take photos they would try to capture the glory of the war and it would give them kind of like a side hobby from the war. The author of the photo album that I got to look at was William Van Allen. In some of the photos there were descriptions underneath that he wrote.

The Soldier!!!

The soldier. We got to go onto a website and look through all of these soldiers attestation papers and documents, we got to chose a soldier to research. Link to website. The name of the soldier I chose was John James Percy Martin Demeray, or John Demeray. John Demeray was a Canadian WWI soldier in the 250th CEF Battalion. The YouTube video I made at the top has his story and the connection to the artifact!

My Video and our School Exhibition!!!

As you saw at the top I made a video. In the video I talk about John Demeray, the soldiers photo album, their connection and the significance. To finish our project we did a in school exhibition. We got to share our research about the artifacts to grades 8 9 and 10! It was a lot of fun and people seemed very interested.

The competencies and connections!!!

This projects competencies were: Establish Historical Significance: How do we make choices about what is worth remembering? Global Collaborator: How might I use technology to connect to the world? I hope you can see these as examples in the milestones I just showed but if not here is another explanation! For Establishing Historical Significance I gained the knowledge for this competencie by watching many videos about WWI and the battle of Passchendaele. I think the battle of Passchendaele is a really good example but I think I showed this competencie in my final video. For Global Collaborator I think I showed this by this post, the school exhibition and my video.

In conclusion I had a lot of fun and learned a lot with this project. I hope you enjoy the video I made and I also hope you learned just as much as I did!