Election Reflection!!!

Hello, I’m Erin and this is my blog! This post is a reflection on the 2021 Canadian election. Why is it always the Conservatives or Liberal parties that win? If you have never seen my blog before I am a high school student in a program called PLP. I blog about my learning, projects and recent units. Feel free to share your thoughts on this topic in the comments. Enjoy reading!

Canada is a democracy!

Canada is a democracy. Canadian government rules the land but Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state. Majority of the people are included in decision making and citizens are free to run for office. A political party is a group of people with shared vision values and wanting to be elected. The political parties right now are Liberal, Conservative, NDP, People’s party, Green, Bloc Québécois, and independent MP’s.

Canadian Government Levels!

This is a little image I made to help explain!!!

The Canadian government is a democracy and these are the different levels of power. At the top we have our head of state, the British monarch, currently Queen Elizabeth II. Next is our Governor General, they bring parliamentary bills into law. Canadas current Governor General is Mary May Simon. The next level splits into executive and legislative. On the last level, under executive is the Prime Minister and Cabinet. And under legislative is the House of Commons and Senate. The executive side implements the laws and is the decision making side. While the legislative side makes the laws. Branches of Canadian Government.

Student vote!!!

Every time there is a Canadian election our high schools put on a student vote. The student vote is where students grades 8-12 get to vote. It works the same as a regular vote except our votes aren’t counted towards the real thing. Our votes are still counted and we get to see results from our school. 435 people at our school participated in the student vote. Majority voted for NDP. New Democratic Party. As I am writing this blog post right now the Liberals are winning the real vote. CBC news. It’s interesting to see how different generations think. Majority of people who participate in the election are in the older generations as in the student vote everyone who participates is 17 years and younger.


Why is it always Conservative or Liberal?

The Liberal party has dominated Canadian federal politics, holding power for nearly 70 years. Its a democracy but the majority doesn’t always win the vote. Why is that? There are 338 seats in the House of Commons, a party needs 170 seats for a majority government. Even if the liberals had less seats than the conservatives, if Justin Trudeau can get enough of the other parties to vote with him, he can tell the Governor General “I can command the confidence of the House and continue to govern.”. So therefore even if the Conservatives win majority, the Liberals can still win the election. This is a sight I used to help me understand .


In conclusion politics is a big part of our life. It changes our everyday lives. In Canada we get to be apart of deciding the changes that happen. Politics are very interesting and everyone has very different world views. I would enjoy to read your thoughts on these topics in the comments. Hope you enjoyed the reading! Have a great rest of your day!