Hello, I’m Erin and this is my blog! The Bright Party! This is our press release! We got to make our own political party for a school project, and this is ours! If you are new to my blog I am a high school student in a program called PLP. I blog about my learning, projects and recent units. Id love to hear your thoughts on political parties in the comments. Enjoy reading!

The Bright Party!

“Let’s make the best of our world!”

The Bright Party!

What Is This Project?

As part of our government and politics unit we got to make our own political party in a group of people who shared similar political views to us. I’m in a group with Nya, Julien and Josh. We were put into these groups after taking a quiz that put us on the political spectrum. In these groups we decided what we wanted our party to be about. The Canadian election just happened. What would we want in political party?

Our Mission And Values!

What is our mission and what are our values? Our mission is to redirect our nation into a brighter, more sustainable and equal future for generations to come. We will strive for transparency, honesty and accountability in the government.

Our Goals!

Our goals are to focus on equal rights and pay, funding to healthcare, indigenous rights. Environmental issues, we want to put more money into the environment and less money into pipelines.

Why Are We Unique And Why Should You Choose Us?

On the political spectrum our party stands close to the middle but on the left side. We really want to focus on healthcare, equal rights and our planet. You should vote for us because we really want to make a brighter, more sustainable and equal future.

I hope you enjoyed reading about The Bright Party. Would you vote for us? What would your political party be called? Thanks for reading, have an amazing rest of your day!