“To know my deed, ’twere best not know myself.’’

Hi, my name is Erin. Welcome to my blog. Im a grade 11 high school student in Canada. I just finished a project on Macbeth and “Avatar”. How are these two topics connected? Good question! I had the same question when we started this project, but now at the end of the project I have the answer.


Throughout this project we read and watched Macbeth. We were given books to help us analyze the text, and during class we would watch a few different adaptations of Macbeth. The main adaptation we watched was Macbeth by Polanski. We would also do class readings. We would take notes during class to help us understand it a bit more.


The new “Avatar” movie just came out “Avatar: The Way of Water”. The first “Avatar” movie was highly successful and created a lot of new advances. We were confused as a class why we were talking about Macbeth and “Avatar” at the same time. We watched the first “Avatar” movie and did a lot of research before we started seeing the connection.

Timeless Themes

So how do “Avatar” and Macbeth connect? Timeless themes. What are timeless themes? In Macbeth we started talking about all the timeless themes Shakespeare had in his work. Shakespeare was alive and created these plays along time ago, but his work is still relevant to this day. Shakespeare talked about life, death, love, free will, hate, and many other topics that will forever be relevant to us as humans. These topics are called timeless themes as they will always be relevant. “Avatar” Also had timeless themes. “Avatar” had topics about politics, religion, culture, the environment. That will also be forever relevant. Everything connects. “Avatar” And Macbeth connect through timeless themes.


In PLP we do an exhibition twice a year, a winter exhibition, and a spring exhibition. This year fir our winter exhibition the grade 11s had to perform a scene from Macbeth and connect it to “Avatar” through timeless themes. We were given a lot of freedom and were allowed to do our own adaptation on our scene. I did scene 2, act 2. In my interpretation of this scene, I followed the same storyline and setting as the original scene, however I showed the emotion and told the story of Macbeth through contemporary dance.

Overall I learned a lot this project. I learned everything connects and a lot about timeless themes. After the exhibition for a little celebration, all of PLP on the last day of school before winter break, went to watch the new “Avatar” movie “Avatar: The Way of Water”.