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Every Object Tells A Story!!!

It’s time for our last grade 8 humanities unit end blog post. Our last project for humanities has been all about New France. In this blog post I will reflect on all the work we have done in this unit…. Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Road Trip!!!

Scimatics final grade 8 blog post time! For our last unit in scimatics we did an Ultimate Road Trip unit. We got to create and plan out our own road trip. This was a really fun project that I really… Continue Reading →

My tPOL!!!

Hi! Welcome to my first ever tPOL post. I’m in grade 8 so this is my first year in high school and PLP. TPOL stands for transitional presentation of learning and I did something very similar to this earlier in… Continue Reading →

Argh Matey!!!

Blog post time! Argh matey was combined unit between our scimatics class and our humanities class. I really enjoyed the project being combined as I felt that the units pieced together well. Im on this amazing program at school called… Continue Reading →

A Witness To History!!!

PLP Maker 8 project end blog post time! This past unit has been about the global pandemic COVID-19 and how we have been huge witnesses in a global event that will probably be remembered for a while. We all created… Continue Reading →

PLP DI Online Tournament Reflection Post!!!

It’s time for another awesome reflection post! This post is a reflection on a PLP DI online tournament that we just did. In the post I will discuss what my team and I have changed since the last tournament and… Continue Reading →

DI Regionals!!!

For our PLP maker 8 class we do something called Destination Imagination or DI for short. Destination Imagination is a competition that many students compete in from all over. All teams have worked really hard for a while now to… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Design Challenge!!!

The Ultimate Design Challenge PLP Scimatics 8. For our last unit in Scimatics we got to design whatever we wanted and find the surface area and volume of what we designed. This was a very interesting project for me because… Continue Reading →

This Changes Everything!!!

Hi! This is a post about a humanities unit we just finished called This Changes Everything. In this post you will see an overview of the project and some steps we took along the way. The LAUNCH! To start this… Continue Reading →

Scimatics Chemistry Coding!!!

We just finished a unit in scimatics called chemistry coding and this is a post all about it! In this post I will look over my work and how I felt I did with everything. I will show the curricular… Continue Reading →

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