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A Post About Photos


This blog post is super late. I’ve had some stuff going on in my life, and I’m just getting around to writing this now.


Week Three of the Student Blogging Challenge is all about photos.  Most of the time, uneducated photo users just search up the photo that they need and click ‘Save Image’. But this is illegal! Who knew?

There are several options for getting photos to use in your blog, or other project that requires images. Here is a list of options:

  • Make An Image

Make your own image! This can sometimes be time-consuming, but the result is a highly personalized and copyright-free image for you to use!

  • Buy An Image

This is probably not a great option for kids, and there are lots of better ways of getting pictures for free.

  • Use Google Images

Most images are copyrighted, but some can be used.

  • Use Creative Commons Images

These images are free, and only need you to credit the artist. A great website for this is Pixabay, especially if you’re using CampusPress, since it’s a plug-in in that platform already.

  • Use CC0/Royalty Free images

These images are also completely free, and only sometimes need to be credited.

These are some great ideas for places to get images from!

Next, I will share an image that I took of my puppy, Barley.

I played with the lighting and cropped this picture, but other than that I didn’t really change the image. I think that it captures his fluffiness, and it’s a really cute picture! He’s not usually this sleepy.

For my task card I’ve created a slideshow using pictures from Pixabay. Try to guess my favorite activity! If you think you know, leave a comment.

Student Blogging Challenge, Week Three: Check! Oh, now I have to go work on Week Four. I am so behind!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post!


Evelyn 👩🏽‍🦱


  1. Hi, Evelyn!

    I am a commenter for Student Blogging Challenge.

    Is your favorite pastime reading? Mine is! I am a children’s librarian.

  2. Wow Evelyn, I really like this post. Is your favorite pass time reading? Or is it writing? I think your picture of your puppy is really cute!


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