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A Post About Holidays


I am not behind on this blog post! Hooray for me!

The Student Blogging Challenge for Week 7 is all about holidays. My family celebrates lots of different holidays, and they’re always big family occasions. I am half-Jewish, half-Christian (though I myself don’t really follow either religion) so we have a lot of holidays to celebrate!

In this post, though, I will be focusing on a holiday tradition that my family has been doing for ages. Gingerbread houses! Every year around December, my cousins and my family all go to my grandparents house to decorate gingerbread houses. It’s a really fun activity, where we socialize, craft, and eat loads of candy!

Here’s a photo of my sister (in the reindeer antlers), my cousin (on the left) and me (with the Santa hat) all decorating houses last year.

In this one Amy (my sister) has a weird expression. I think she ate too much candy!

My favourite candy to decorate gingerbread houses with is Peach Penguins. They’re little gummy penguins that taste kind of like peaches, and they look so fun and festive on gingerbread houses!

I am excited for gingerbread house decorating this year. I wonder what designs I should make? If you have ideas, please tell them to me in a  comment!

Here’s a website I found with lots of different ideas for houses. Most of them look pretty complicated and fancy, but maybe I could try one!

I also get gingerbread inspiration from a book I found called A Year Of Gingerbread Housesby Kristine Samwell. It has lots of different really cool designs for gingerbread houses with all different themes, even Halloween and birthdays, and of course Christmas. I had a lot of fun reading the book, even though I don’t have the time or materials to try out the patterns.

It will be super fun to see all my family this year! I’m especially excited because my grandparents make delicious apple cider (it might be store bought, I don’t know, but it’s still really tasty). Yum! 😋

So that’s my post for the seventh week of the Student Blogging Challenge! Feel free to comment, and tell me about any holiday traditions that you have with your family!


Evelyn 👩🏽‍🦱


  1. Hi Evelyn,

    I liked reading your post about Gingerbread houses. I have been decorating gingerbread houses with my children for many years and it is so much fun! Do you make the gingerbread from scratch or do you buy the kits at the store? I usually buy the kits from the store and buy some extra candy too. It looks like your grandparents get lots of good candy to decorate with and eat. Just reading this post is getting me excited to make gingerbread houses again this year.

    Keep up the great work!
    Mrs. Bennett

    • evelync

      November 22, 2019 at 1:23 am

      Hi Mrs. Bennett!
      My grandparents always get kits from the store, since there are lots of cousins and not enough oven space! They tend to reuse candy from different years, too, so it is sometimes a bit stale, but that just makes it easier to glue on! I’m glad you like my post! Thank you for commenting!

  2. wow! it seems like you have a lot of fun at your grandparents house. You can really tell you enjoy making gingerbread houses since you read a book about it. I’ve only made a gingerbread house once and it wasn’t the best. This is a nice tradition and i hope you have a good christmas!

    • evelync

      November 22, 2019 at 1:20 am

      Hi Esmeralda!
      Thanks for the comment! I do have a lot of fun making gingerbread houses. I found the book in my basement and thought it looked interesting, and it was!

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