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A Post About tPOLs

Hello there!

Once upon a time there was a comparatively small girl named Evelyn. Evelyn was shy, anxious, and a bit naive. Flash forward a year, and here she is now. Still shy. Still anxious. But very much more enlightened.

Time for tPOLs!

It’s the end of the year, and the time has come for PLP to present us with our final acronym. (Actually, we are presenting the acronym to PLP.  You know what, whatever.)

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A Post About Oregon


My PLP 8 cohort recently completed a field study in Oregon. How exciting! It was really cool to travel around as a class and learn about all the amazing places we saw.

While we were in Oregon we had an assignment to complete. We had to make a book about all the different places we visited. It had to include photos, videos, drawings and text to describe the experience.

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