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A Post About Images


The third week of the Student Blogging Challenge is upon us, and this time, the theme is images! Did you know that if you just take images off Google, that’s actually considered illegal? Well, now you’ll get to know all about images, and how to use them properly!

Let’s skip the overly enthusiastic intro and get the the content.

In my opinion, a blog post isn’t complete without images. It is kind of flat and boring, without anything to really look at. It’s important to use photos in a legal way to add interest to your blog.

You have several options as to how you get photos to add.

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A Post About Photos


This blog post is super late. I’ve had some stuff going on in my life, and I’m just getting around to writing this now.


Week Three of the Student Blogging Challenge is all about photos.  Most of the time, uneducated photo users just search up the photo that they need and click ‘Save Image’. But this is illegal! Who knew?

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