Decoding the Past: Lessons Echoing Through Time


Embarking on a journey to unravel the mysteries of history, our project sought to answer a fundamental question “What can we learn from the past, and why does that matter to us today?” As we unveil our final art, a medieval portrait with intricate symbolism, the essence of our exploration comes to life.

Answering the Driving Question 🤔

The driving question serves as the compass guiding our project. Through the lens of a carefully crafted medieval portrait, featuring my face as the main feature, a pig representing historical economy, and an angel wearing a crown (showing that people valued religion back then) holding a clock (to show their invention of the mechanical clock), and a crowd of people in the doorway (representing how society was peaceful-ish back then) we decode the past’s lessons. This portrait is a visual representation to the enduring relevance of historical insights, emphasizing the importance of understanding our past to navigate the complexities of the present.

Process of Creation👩‍🎨

Our journey began with a deep dive into historical narratives, unfolding the things that connect the past to our contemporary existence. The creative process involved long hours of research, observations, and a harmonious blend of historical accuracy and artistic expression. Selecting the medieval painting provided a rich canvas to convey the intricacies of our findings.

Reflection on Learning📝

This project became a mold for personal and academic growth, challenging us to distill historical complexities into a meaningful narrative. Researching economic landscapes, societal structures, and the dynamics of bygone eras honed our analytical skills. Translating these insights into a visually compelling artwork not only deepened our understanding but also refined our ability to communicate complex ideas clearly.

Realizing Proficiency on Competencies🤓

Our project has been a voyage of proficiency, testing and refining our competencies. From critical historical analysis to creative expression, this project demanded a multifaceted skill set. We honed our research skills, elevated our historical understanding, and mastered the art of symbolic representation. The result is an artwork that not only answers the driving question but also showcases our proficiency in navigating the complexities of historical exploration.

Conclusion 😍

As the curtain falls on this project, our medieval portrait stands as a beacon echoing the lessons of the past. By answering the driving question, we underscore the timeless relevance of historical insights and emphasize their critical role in shaping our contemporary narrative. Our journey has not only deepened our understanding of history but has also empowered us to carry its echoes forward, enriching our present and illuminating the path to the future.

Ch-Ch-Changes: Navigating the Shift from Elementary to High School 🚨🔊

Introduction 🤗

My journey was a crazy like a crazy river, it was smooth, bumpy, rocky, and etc. Trying to figure out was going on throughout these changes in my life to put it into a song was an interesting project and I’m here to share my journey with you.

The project 🤔

As the final notes of our project for humanities, it’s time to reflect on the transformative journey from the familiar times of elementary to the unknown future of high school. Our song parody of R.E.M.’s It’s the End of the World as We Know It served as a visual soundtrack to share this pivotal transition to others.

The Creation Process:

Unveiling the Canvas👩‍🎨

Starting this creative journey, I delved into the emotions of transitioning grades. Inspired by the timeless narrative of The Outsiders (by S.E Hinton), I painted a lyrical canvas, capturing the emotions of change, camaraderie, and the inevitable passage of time that is our school life.

The Outsiders (If you haven’t read it then you have been living under a rock):

Crafting the Melody🎶

Collaborating with my peers, each note and word that we wrote resonated with the shared experiences we stitched together. The blend of nostalgia and anticipation in the melody echoed the bittersweet symphony of leaving behind the known for the unknown.

A rough draft of the lyrics:


Video Production🎥

The visual component was crucial in translating our message. The embedded YouTube video showcases our collective efforts, merging the crafted lyrics with a montage that encapsulates the essence of our collective journey.

The video:

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Evidence of Learning📒

Our homage to It’s the End of the World as We Know It wasn’t just a musical endeavour; it was a lesson in teamwork, creativity, and adaptability. The integration of The Outsiders deepened our understanding of thematic storytelling, lending a poignant layer to our lyrical narrative. As I read the Outsiders, it helped me figure out my worldview as I saw the characters worldview and saw if I agreed or disagreed to their worldview.

An example of my role sheet for the outsiders reading:


Navigating the intricate process of transforming iconic lyrics into a testament of our collective experience illuminated the fluidity of change. As the lyrics unfolded, so did our perspectives, aligning with the dynamic shift from childhood and oblivious to adolescence and deep. This project was an interesting and exciting experience for me and being told to compare and contrast my worldview from elementary to high school was a fun thing to do and in a way a very comforting experience.


In this journey of change, our project became a harmonious reflection of growth, encapsulating the essence of bidding farewell to the familiar and embracing the unknown. The echoes of It’s the End of the World as We Know It will forever be remembered as a melodious reminder of our transformative journey from elementary to high school. As my worldview is constantly changing and I’m just figuring out my life as I live it, I can’t wait to see the changes I make from high school to adulthood.

Unveiling My Learning Journey: My Maker Odyssey 👏🙌

Introduction 🫢

During the beginning of the school year, I embarked on a captivating journey in the realm of creativity and innovation through our school’s maker space. Filled with curiosity and determination, I dived into a series of projects with a profound guiding question: How might I present myself, as a learner, to the world? This question became the cornerstone of my exploration, leading me through a maze of self-discovery and skill development. In this blog post, I will share my experiences, challenges, and revelations as I navigated this transformative odyssey.

Activities I did 🤓

As I immersed myself in the maker space, I began crafting various projects that reflected my identity and learning journey. One of the significant endeavors was a keynote presentation about me and my digital skills. Creating this presentation allowed me to introspect deeply, pondering over my strengths, passions, and areas for growth. I meticulously curated my achievements, showcasing my proficiency in digital tools while acknowledging my evolving skills.


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Simultaneously, I ventured into creating my user manual – a unique activity that I am proud of and hooked me from the start. I was proud of it because, designing a manual that described my learning preferences, communication style, and collaborative approach forced me to confront my learning habits. This activity not only illuminated my personal learning methods but also empowered me to embrace my learning quirks. Acknowledging these nuances enabled me to communicate effectively with peers and educators, fostering a more conducive learning environment.


My About Me/ User Guide

Other Things I Made:

Throughout these projects, I encountered challenges that tested my resilience and problem-solving skills. Technical hiccups, creative blocks, and the fear of vulnerability threatened to stop my progress. However, with each setback, I persevered, learning valuable lessons in adaptability and perseverance. Collaborative brainstorming sessions with classmates and mentor guidance provided fresh perspectives, fueling my determination to overcome obstacles.


Conclusion 😊

As I reflect on my maker journey, I realize that the answer to the driving question lies not in a single project or presentation but in the all experience of self-reflection and growth. Through my work in the maker class, I have learned that presenting myself to the world is not about perfection but authenticity. Embracing my strengths and vulnerabilities, I have gained confidence in my abilities as a learner.

Horror! And Why it’s Great

Hi and welcome to my first post about whatever I want! My teacher told me to blog about a topic I loved, so I chose to write about horror movies. Why? I love HORROR! I have an obsession with horror films and I love horror so much

My Favos 🫶(Adventure time reference🤓)

Here are my favorite horror medias so far: the Saw franchise, the Scream franchise, the fear street trilogy, Shining, Halloween, The Ring, Friday the 13th, and American Horror Story (not American horror stories, they are completely different and American horror stories is a spinoff). I love these movies/shows a lot and I highly recommend all of them, you can watch a lot of them on Netflix or Disney+, if you can’t find it in these streaming platforms you can probably find it on other sites and watch them there.

Recommendations 😍

Horror movies are great and you may not like scary things but here are somethings I watched that got me hooked on horror. I recommend starting off with the Fear street trilogy, it’s a Netflix movie series (also one of the only good things Netflix has made 😒) and it’s easy to watch, it may have a some gore but it’s still on the mild side of gore and you can’t see them. Another movie for hardcore gore fans is the Saw franchise it is very popular and has about ten movies (you can skip a couple of them but try to watch the first, third, and sixth movie) it’s very bloody so if you don’t like bloody things don’t watch it or it will scare you badly.

Summary 🤗

Here are short summarys of the movies (probably without spoilers). In Fear Street, there are two towns, one is called Shadyside and the other is called Sunnyvale (very creative names) Shadyside has a curse where every couple of decades a person goes crazy and kills a bunch of people before they are taken down or disappear, it is now the year 1994 a group of teens have gotten themselves into some trouble. Will they end the curse and escape? Watch fear street 1994 and the next two sequels to find out. Recommend for 13+ (Not much gore in this one almost anyone can handle it).


A short summary of Saw, The franchise is about a killer who punishes people who isn’t grateful for the life they have. The killer punishes people by putting them in elaborate traps that would kill the victims if they don’t escape in time. Each trap is designed specifically for the person that the killer has kidnapped, there are traps like the reverse bear trap (in Saw 1), the angel trap(Saw 3), the Bathroom trap (Saw 1), The brain surgery trap (saw 10), and much more. Once the killer sees them escape their traps the killer deems them grateful for life and lets them go free. Will the victims survive or will they fail? Watch The Saw franchise to find out. Recommend for 14+ (If you can handle a lot of gore).



That was my blog on Horror and why it’s great. Horror is amazing and I love it so much so I’m glad that I get to write a blog about something I love.😊