Take your kids to Work day.

Around a week ago it was Take Your kids to Work day, a national event where students follow their parents (or a family friend) to work. I ended up going with my mom who is an acupuncturist, on the day she was working at restoration health clinic in lynn valley, we left the house around … [Read more…]

Run! a short reflection on the remake.

over the last few weeks in Maker, we remade a short film called ‘RUN!’ by CookieImagination,1 for the project, we worked in groups and had to try and recreate the original as closely as possible, shots and sound. On the first day after we were introduced to what we would have to do, we briefly … [Read more…]

Maker: Story finding in the Rockies.

Another project, another blog post. I recently went on a trip to the rockies with PLP, and, as it was a PLP trip, there was a whole 2 projects about it, due to the constraints that blog-space logic applies, I can only talk about one of those projects here, and, due to another quirk of … [Read more…]

Oregon Coast Field School

I recently got home from Oregon as part of a field school for PLP, and this post is intended to serve as a reflection as well as a record of the project. Anyway, I’ve put off writing this for a bit too long now, so I guess I’m just going to start this post now. … [Read more…]

Science, Mind over matter

Alright, I’m back for another blog post, and once again, it’s for science. This is only my second science blog post, and this one is pretty interesting. It’s also slightly different from my normal style of blog post; you’ll see how later. Anyways, moving on, let’s get right into the work. First off, we have … [Read more…]

Science: Small but mighty

Alright, so, another blog post, this one, however is for science which, because of the semester system I only started a month or so ago,1 anyways in that time we have grown possibly dangerous amounts of bacteria, personified the cells of our immune system and made a poster featuring only the finest art by first … [Read more…]