For this humanities project our driving question was “How can we use current memes to comment on the significance and consequences of nationalism around the world?”

The end project was to make three memes. Each meme conveying an answer to this driving question. To prepare for the final project we learned about some milestones.

Milestone 1 was about understanding the driving questions. We talked about them in class and worked to define some of the “hard” words to completely understand the question.

Milestone 2 was examining Significance. We picked an event that happened in the past and talked about how it was significant. This helped with narrowing down the definition of significance and whether the event was important or significant.

Milestone 3 was about making tiktoks. Whether in a group or alone we made tiktoks to familiarize how to make them. This was to prepare us for the final milestone.

Milestone 4 was about assessing cause and consequence. We read a passage and answered the two questions. The questions were based around nationalism. 

Milestone 5. Well here it is…..

For the final milestone we had to “create three memes that demonstrate the characteristics of a meme, but also include our knowledge of nationalism and its significance and consequences as a force around the world.”

I decided to make one tiktok and two memes.

My first meme…/tiktok….


When i made this tiktok I wanted to emphasize the fact that there had been discrimination around the world. This relates to the driving question because I used characteristics of a meme and my knowledge of significance to convey this message.

My second meme…


This might be my favorite out of all of them…

For this meme I showed two Portuguese people time travelling. They wonder what year they are in and so they ask some “random person” on the streets. Turns out this is queen Ana de Sousa Nzinga. A very important figure. The Portuguese ask a question in reference to the African people repsponding. The Portuguese people then make a snarky comment. I thought it would be cool and a little comical to add crosses to the time travellers. This way they could be identified as Portuguese and they are catholic….;)

This meme answers the question because through a meme I was able to use comical and serious words and pictures to convey a message from mind to mind.


For my final meme….


I made this meme with this popular template because it shows that Queen Ana de Sousa Nzinga did not convey nationalism in times of stress. The meme shows that Queen disregarded the meaning of nationalism and staying true to her countries beleifs and just switched religions because some of her people were being taken. Not to mention she was doing a fairly decent job protecting her people and not letting them get taken as slaves.

This meme answers the question because I am able to show the causes and consequences of the queens actions.


My end thoughts and answer to the driving question.

well.. I was able to use current memes shown as the popular meme templates and popular meme app tiktok, to comment on the significance and consequences around the world. I was able to use memes to show that Queen Ana de Sousa did not show nationalism, or that the Portuguese got what they wanted, or that nobody had voting rights except for the New Zealand people at a certain point.

Overall, I really really enjoyed this project. This may have been one of my favorite so far. I enjoyed going to Mr Hughes and Ms. Willemse to show the my pitch and being rejected because they knew I could do better. I enjoyed learning about everything and then applying it to memes. I am a little disappointed we didnt get to watch our tiktoks in class though. 😉



RIP KOBE. You will be missed.