Confederation of the colonies of Canada, HAS BEEN ACHIEVED! *gavel bangs* PSYCH!

The main goal of this project was to try to achieve Confederation as a class. Here is how it went!

We started off being put into different colonies that were present at the time. I was put into Nova Scotia with Kaden, Ally, Grace, and Rhiann. 

Now, our goal for this project was to achieve Confederation along with the other colonies. We were tasked with finding more about our colony and researching about it. This way, we knew what our colony needed to keep thriving.

This was milestone 2. After learning about not only our colony but also the other colonies we were tasked with making our preliminary proposals. I believe this was the trickiest part of the project but also very fun. When making our proposals, we had to not only get what we wanted but also benefit other colonies. This is because nobody is going to sign with you if you don’t have anything that benefits them.

This next part of the project was my favorite. We had a few classes to work on our preliminary proposals. This meant we could go and discuss with other colonies about what they wanted and how it benefited us. It was fun because some colonies would be two sided. They would say yes to some things and then five seconds later say no to that exact thing to another colony. At one point it seemed like everyone was on board with everyone else’s proposals except for PEI as they Isolated themselves from the conversations.

After this we had Milestone 4. This was making a screenplay for our commercial. This was a fairly simple milestone as we wanted to get all the content in there, whilst still making it fun to watch. We all pitched in as a group for this milestone.

At this point we were assigned a stepping stone. The stepping stone was used to help us practice our green screen abilities. Here is my before:

And here is the same video once I added the green screen in IMovie!

Next up…

We had our final milestone. Milestone 5…. The Final Confederation Commercial, with everything my colony Nova Scotia wanted in order to join the great country of CANADA!

There were two competencies during this project. 

Create and Evidence.

Evidence: I was able to evaluate evidence to decide if it was adequate enough to support a historical conclusion. I was able to do this by communicating with my group. We had some “criteria.”

Did it represent what we were trying to portray?
Was it intriguing to the audience?
Would it help with the project or is it just some detail?
How could we incorporate this into our project?

Create: When writing speaking and representing the texts I create I use many different literacy skills. I understand the words that I am using, I also understand what I am saying. I need to keep in mind what I am saying because I don’t want the wrong words to come out. So I pay close attention to the sounds and words I use. When writing, I also want to make sure that when I write the words that they make sense, and are in order. I strive to also make it grammatically correct as I have been told to work on that in the past.

In the end Confederation in my class was not achieved. It was a total mess. I am not sure wether the colonies decided not to join because they thought it was a funny joke or something but not many colonies joined. 2 total colonies joined.

I believe in the future we would have a better result because we already got the “fun” out of not joining and so it would be taken more seriously. But, through this project I also learned some things about the real Confederation.

At first only three colonies joined, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the British colonies of Canada. This was achieved on July 1, 1867. This date is known as today as Canada Day where we get a day off!