A Witness to History. The perfect trilogy of words that describes this project and what is going on in the world. As you know, the Corona Virus has taken the world by storm. With this project we talked about how the virus has impacted us but more importantly our communities. We all chose a community to focus our project on. I did the soccer community.

We started off the project with Milestone 1. For milestone 1 we asked questions. We asked questions about what our final video would look like, or how many people we in each group. This phase of the project is crucial as its how you get a feel for it.

Then we went with milestone 2 & 3. Milestone 2 was about researching how our community has been responding to social distancing. I researched this by conducting an interview with a soccer coach. He has had to adapt how he coaches and has held practices where the players dont go near each other. This is only one of the many ways people have had to adapt. 

Milestone 3 was about making a song. This year we havent used garage band too much so this was an excellent way to practice. We practiced making a song that we would eventually use in our final video.

Of course Milestone 4 was about a storyboard:) These are essential when making a video as without them the final video is much harder. Storyboards allow you to plan what type of shots you want and angles, music, and sound.

And for our final Milestone we made the Final Movie. You can see my movie at the top of this post. I think this is one of the best movies I’ve made this year. If you compare this movie to the ones at the start of the year you can clearly see the growth and how much Ive learned about making movies.

I wanted to talk a little bit about how important my generation and all the generations that lived through the Coronavirus are. I want to talk about this because I feel like it is overlooked. Other than the SARS which happened in the early 2000s (and wasnt nearly as bad and publicized as the corona virus) this was the first time the world has experienced something like this. In science class we all learn about pandemics. But nobody actually thinks its going to happen, “the world is too modern” people would say, or “the technology we have is superior” and look where we are now. Stuck inside our houses for months on end.

In a few years little kids will be learning about the Corona Virus. We can say proudly “I lived through a global pandemic.” The virus has really woken the world up. Way to many people had to die for the world to realize that this was way more serious than anybody expected. We completed this project to show how we as video tellers can tell stories of what our communities experienced during this period.

Let’s talk a little bit about the competencies.

  • Be an Empowered Learner: I was able to use technology to my advantage during this period of physical distancing. I informed myself, gathered information and was able to present it in a video essay to my audience.
  • Be an Active Digital Citizen: I was able to use the technology I have access to to connect to the world. I can see how the rest of the world is doing. I can connect with my friends and others.

We have LITERALLY witnessed history, and been a part of history.


Thanks for reading