Ah, the end of another project. What a past 7 weeks it has been. Through the good and the bad, in this post I will show you and provide you with evidence of how I completed this project and the competencies to the best of my abilities. As you may know, I have a podcast. If you would like to listen to the episode I made about the 1950s through a lens of music feel free to click the link above! Anyways, back to the project 😉

There were 2 competencies in this project. Discuss, listen, and speak. And, Continuity and Change. I will state these two competencies and provide you with evidence of my work to support this argument!

Discuss, Listen and Speak: Have I respectfully exchanged diverse ideas and viewpoints to build shared understanding and extend thinking using appropriate speaking and listening skills for the context and purpose?

Continuity and Change: How are lives and conditions alike over time and how have they changed?

Evidence Piece #1: Canadian Connections Keynote – Continuity and Change & Discuss, Listen, and Speak

We were tasked with making a keynote of the 1950s vs Present. But with a twist, we needed to do this through two lenses. A Canadian lens, and the lens of our podcast (mine being music). So, I did my research. Here’s a little snipped of what I found out (from research document)

  • Rock and Roll and Jazz very popular in the 50s
  • Elvis Presley, Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, and more considered pioneers of Rock and Roll
  • Rock and Roll came to be because Jazz was invented by the African American community in New Orleans and was being gate kept
  • Rock and Roll gave people something to belong two. Something to attach their identity to and become part of themselves.

As I did my research I found out that most of it is American Associated. I fixed this problem by always asking myself, How did this affect Canada? By doing this I forced myself to relate it back to Canada and back to the lens I needed to. By completing my research, and developing an understanding of my chosen topic I was able to identify how music has changed since the 50s and how it has stayed the same. I was able to provide the audience with evidence and support my claims by using reputable sources and forming an opinion off the knowledge of all the sources I used, not just one. As I presented my keynote to the class, I was able to Discuss my research and opinions properly in, well practices and formatted sentences. I spoke clearly and to the point. I stood straight and rarely looked at my iPad, I had seen this research and worked on it so much that I pretty much had everything memorized. My great work on this in class assignment helped me with my final podcast as I used the research from my Keynote for my podcast as they go hand in hand.

Evidence Piece #2: Iron Chef Slide – Discuss, Listen, and Speak

Another in class assignment we did was what we like to call our Iron Chef protocol. This protocol requires a group. 3, 5, any number. Each person takes a topic (picked by the teacher), and makes a detailed slide with research, pictures, etc. The hard part is you only have 10 minutes to complete this assignment and then you need to present it in front of your class. I picked this assignment to show you, similar to the other one because it shows my quick thinking skills and how I can analyze any situation and provide my best work. During the limited amount of time I had, I was able to make a detailed and well formatted slide about the technological advancements in the 50s. As my group and I were coming to a close, I was able to listen to their ideas and questions, discuss them and then present a great final product we were all proud of. My efficient research skills allowed me to have more time to plan out the present phase of this assignment. I believe that is why I was able to present and make something that was supposed to be a normal assignment, so much more than that.

Evidence Piece #3: 1950s Reflection – Continuity and Change

In this assignment, we were tasked with writing a reflection about what we had learnt. The task was to literally write about how things have changed and how things have stayed the same since the 50s. The assignment was literally the competency. I was able to complete this assignment because of my prior knowledge. BECAUSE, I made an entire podcast episode on the topic, BECAUSE, I had multiple full pages of research of things I knew by heart, I was able to write this reflection quickly, efficiently, and solely focusing on the competency at hand. My prior assignments, completed well allowed me to write and make all my points dedicated to whether something had stayed the same or changed since the 50s.


This project helped me understand the fact that, if you complete an assignment to the best of your ability, all the knowledge you got from that assignment can be instantly used for other assignments. Take my 1950s reflection piece for example. Because I completed my Iron chef and my Canadians connections keynote so well, I only needed to focus on how I was gonna relate them back to the competency (WHICH I DID IN THOSE ASSIGNMENT AS WELL) instead of worrying about doing research and making sure my content was accurate. I knew my content was accurate because I already had done the research and already had the knowledge implanted in my brain. I basically only needed to mix and match the puzzle pieces to make it sound nice and boom I was done. My biggest takeaways from this are, setting yourself up for success will lead to success.