My name is Gabriele Altomare and I am part of the Future Party Of Canada. We are planning to run in the upcoming election and I would like your vote. This is our parties’ official press release.

*Press Release*

A little About Us:

I created this party with my beloved group members. Holly, Anders, Mathew, and Julia. When we initially came together, we explored different issues of our beloved country we would like to address. The #1 thing that we mentioned were climate change and the environment. We asked ourselves how will Canada look in 50 years? 100? 200? We realized that our country is facing some huge threats and we want to do something about it. We asked ourselves two major questions when coming up with our parties

How Can we make Canada as sustainable as possible, for the future generations to come?

What are long term solutions we can use to help in the race with climate change?

We started our party with these in mind and have come a long way since.

What Makes Us Unique?

As mentioned, we are focused on the LONG TERM future of Canada.

We are deeply focused on creating a plan for climate change, and the environment.

We believe that the only way we can move forward for a better future is if we take action to stay under the 2 degree coalition by taking RADICAL actions.

There is also not enough focus on Canadian politics for the long term future. We plan to change that.



Phase out oil by the year 2085

We are committed to improving our renewable energy sources and investing in battery technology to control the surplus of energy.

We want to help ensure a bright future by granting money towards innovation of technology.

We plan to change the way ministers are elected. We plan to do this by making the people elect certain positions of the government such as The Senate.

We plan to change the level of certain government responsibilities

We are dedicated to making the value of Canadian life better in the future and taking steps in the right direction every day

We are willing to make necessary compromises for the better of our environment, economy, and wellbeing.



The Future Party of Canada has many distinctive values. We believe these values are what sets us apart from the other parties and makes us unique in our own way. As you can already guess, we value the land which we live in. We have been given land by our ancestors and predecessors and now it is our turn to care for this land and make it habitable and leave it even better than we found it. We also value economic growth and support to Canada. We believe with our new systems in place, we can have a chance to better our economy. We value this as we know that Canada has always had some economic issues but no political party has actually done something about it. We will. We also value a government that is supported well with technical experience. This way we have experts behind our every move helping our new and improved government if the changes we are making are right or wrong.


All in all, The Future Party of Canada is here to stay. We want to make The Canada your kids and grandchildren live in, just as good as the Canada you lived in. Trust us with your family tree. Help us help you actually have a family tree! We are excited to have your vote!



The Future Party of Canada.