Initiating L.A.U.N.C.H Sequence 🚀

So in maker we started working with this process called the L.A.U.N.C.H. process. This process is used to design a multitude of things in a multitude of fields, robotic, business, commercialism, etc.

But we, my group composed of Nik, Jackson, Sam and I used to it to create a sport.

The trick with this sport is that we only had some materials.


2 rackets

1 wiffle ball

1 spool of String

1 bag of inflatable ballons

5 plastic cups

duct tape


L for Learn, Listen and Look 

We learnt about our project that kinda took care of the listening looking and learning part.We listened to many videos that were used to make us familiar with the launch process.

A  for Ask questions 

To determine what length of sports, how many players per team. individuals or team sports, etc. our class mates preferred we did a survey, based off of those questions we created a survey to best suit our sport to our classmates.

U for Understanding 

Understanding was a pretty simple stage, it was basically furthering the how to understand our challenge and how we could use our questions to improve our game.

N for Navigate ideas

At this point we started testing out our ideas wth our materials and deciding which was best and the pros and cons of each, we had on idea to do a cup pong game, another was to do a kind of cricket/Tennis game .

C for Create a Prototype 

Finally, my group and I decided to do a game we now call Toccer or Sennis as you can guess its a combo of Soccer and Tennis. Imagine this…a soccer field, scaled down to approx 11ft by 6ft, cups used to indicate the goals, a waffle ball and 2 tennis rackets, the foal of the game is to get to 5 points, you can only serve underhand and the ball can only bounce twice on your side, if the ball goes out on your side but it was touched by you it is your opponents possession, just like basketball. You can also use the tennis racket to block any unwanted projectile and use it to tap the ball on the ground.

H for Highlight and Fix 

So after testing out our game we realized there are a couple problems. First off the ball was being whacked wayyyyyyyyyy to hard and after several hits to the face we decided that you had to keep the ball below the waist. Also the refs can decide if you hit the ball too hard. A pretty fun game if you ask me but my hand-eye coordination is 👎🏼at best.



I quite enjoyed playing the game, even though the ball got stuck on the ceiling lights several times, now that takes skill. Using the launch process i think allowed us to develop a better game and I found easier to channel my creativity through the process.


That’s it for me thanks for tuning in!

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