Coding 101, The basics of the basics

Hello ladies, gentleman, everyone in between and my alien counterparts. welcome back to another student blogging challenge. This week we learnt about coding. Now I don’t know the first thing about coding so this was pretty interesting to do. 

The first part of this weeks challenge was to send a comment to a coder named Alex. Alex is visually impaired but he still codes. I thought it was really really inspiring the he didn’t let anything stop him and he kept on coding. Here’s the comment I left him:

The next part of this weeks was was to completion hour of code activity. Hour Of Code is an organization that promotes coding and coding programs around the word. You can go to there website (click here) to participate in an hour of code. I chose to do the flappy bird activity. in this activity you create a game called “flappy bird” using a coding method known as blocks. first you learnt how to program the bird to move and fly when you click your mouse.

Then you learn other things like determining what would happen if the bird ran into something during the game.

This is some early basic coding and isn’t often used in the professional world. When you use coding in the work place or in a professional environment you are more likely to have to lear a coding language such as java script or python, there are many other languages as well. In fact my dad uses coding in his place of work. My dad is a scientist and he uses the coding language of python to analyze data he collects from experiments. 

The third and final part of the activity was to use HTML coding. I had no clue hoot do any of that. So I went onto the student blogging challenge week 9 (checkout the link here). 


Heres what the code looked like:

Well thats it for today. I really did enjoy learning about coding, and I intend to pursue this more. It really is one of the languages of the future. Hope you enjoyed this post!   

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  1. Lorna at |

    Wow! You learned a lot in your coding experience. I have been working with Scratch and there is a lot to learn about all the parts and pieces, but it is fun to see what you can create. What will you do next with coding? Do you have any ideas?

  2. Mrs. Wohlafka at |

    Hi, Gabriella!
    If you wanted to italicize a word you would actually do this:
    This is how you do it
    Mrs. Wohlafka

  3. Marg at |

    Excellent post! You really nailed the tasks for this week. I have tried, very unsuccessfully I just add, to play your flappy bird game. Is it easier n a computer? I am just tapping on my ipad. Oh well, like you, I need to spend more time on coding.
    I have done some HTML before. In the olden days ( early 1980’s ) when computers were new in schools where I live, our vice principal taught me how to make some simple math games on our computers. We had to write the HTML code.
    Keep blogging!
    #STUBC commenter


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