Exponent Card Games

The Exponent Games

Welcome back to the most recent scimatics post! Todays post is going to be about the improvements that I made and the things that I learnt during this unit. My partner was Aedan


We created card games using exponents. If you don’t know what exponents are, click here to see a video that sums them up quite nicely. Then we created card games that used exponents and we had to include the rules that applied to exponents. You can see mind map of questions I had before we started the project. 



The next thing to discuss is the ares/curricular competencies I developed throughout this project. 

1- Visualize to explore mathematical concepts. 

I think that in this unit I made great strides in learning how to visualize math concepts. A good demonstration of that would be having had to  create an entire game based on exponents, we definitely had to understand most of the parts if not every because we were creating a card game where you would have to apply the rule of this mathematical concept. 

2-Represent Mathematical Ideas through Concrete, Pictorial, and Symbolic Forms

We definitely used technology to create our cards and to create designs when were figuring out how to make our cards for our game. I had to apply this skill when thinking of what colour I wanted the cards to be, the shape, the overall theme, the design.I think our designs and our theme of the game could have  been carried through a bit more but I did get better at the general ides of how to design. 

3- Explain and Justify mathematical ideas and decisions. 

I found myself having to put the competency to use when we presented our games to the grade 10’s. We had to explain how exponent multiplication and division work as well as have to kinda justify how we decided to represent exponents. 

Well that’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed this post, and see ya soon. 

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