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Today’s blog post is a bit special. It’s about P.G.P something I haven’t posted about here. P.G.P was a course I had to take this year. P.G.P stands for Personal Growth Plan. The whole point of this course was to find ways to improve, well.. basically my quality of life. Which sounds a bit weird but bear with me. Our final project was due recently, it was called a time capsule project.

The whole point of the project was to choose one specific aspect of PGP and how it would’ve helped it we could have sent that project back to our past selves. I chose this to do in a book format, incorporated with some of my photography and some personal stories. You can see it right here:

Now some of the stuff in that book might not have made complete sense to you. Nor should some of it, without context. So…here’s some of the stuff we did this year! 

1- What do you really want? 

What do you really want was the name of a book we read at the beginning of this project. It was all about goal setting and how to set a goal and follow through with it. Would you like to see a sort of visual representation of some of my goals and interests? Well we had to make one called our “dream board” for this section of PGP. 

2- Time blocking 

There’s this method of organizing your life, called time blocking. Basically you allocate amounts of time for doing stuff. For example: 

  • Math study 1h00 
  • Rugby Fitness practice 1h30 
  • Reading time 30 min 
  • Clean kitchen 30 min 
  • Social media 30 min 
  • Shower 15 min later 

We even had to do this for our school calendars: 

That was time blocking. It can be used for a variety of things in the organization department. If you would like to see a little video on how to implement time blocking into your schedule here you go:


(Btw the best term we learnt from this section was “Time Vampire” someone who sucks up all your time, commonly referred to as siblings)

  • The 7 habits for highly effective teens 

This was one of the last sections of our PGP course, it involved reading the 7 Habits book by Sean Covey. The book brought together goal setting and time blocking when talking about the 7 habits you need for a more productive life. Since my time capsule project was focused in the Habit: Seek first to Understand and then to be understood, you probably know that this is the habit I connected/thought I could improve upon the most. However, it was a good refresher course in all the things I needed to remember like p: putting things first, thing proactively (I struggle with that one quite often), etc. 

I got to think about these things the most in the reflections we had to for each section of the book, there were 4. You can see mine below: 

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

Pt. 3

Pt. 4


4- The time capsule project 

You have hopefully already seen my book I created for this project. Well, I can tell you actually writing the book wasn’t easy for me. I had to share a lot of personal things. But staying true to my promise to myself to keep working on the habit of seeking first to understand I decided to open up a bit, both to myself and to others. I thought that if I could write out some of my personal stories people might get more about me too, and I might understand them better as well. The project was very insightful for me, it helped me see how all of these things we learnt in PGP were connected and when I stopped back from this project it felt like looking at a giant web. 

For those who helped me learn about myself and how to “Marie Kondo” my life, I thank you. It truly has been an amazing experience. 

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