The Four Laws of Atomic Habits

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To finish this year up for PGP we were given a lot of creative freedom when deciding the format of our ‘Atomic Habits’ project.  Ms. Maxwell even created a tic-tac-toe board for us to help us with it.  It was a very creative way of deciding what we were going to focus on.  I chose to summarize the four main laws of the book, to create an artifact of my choice, and to reflect on my artifact in my learning portfolio.  

After all of this time reflecting on the book, by making projects and doing activities, it was very nice to get to be really creative and share the information from the book that I found most interesting in a fun way.  The format that I chose to create was a website with keynote-made videos outlining the four main laws.  Each law has its own tab, and inside it a video consisting of an introduction explaining the law, an example or system from the book that I personally felt was worth sharing, and then a conclusion showing the law’s benefits, or how it might help you.   

While working on this I remembered the challenge that comes with making keynote videos, and how time consuming they can be.  This project took me almost twice as long as I initially thought it would, and in the moments where I contemplated changing the project to make it simpler, I used some of the laws I’d learned in Atomic Habits.  One thing I learned from the book that really helped me during this project was to reward yourself in some way after small accomplishments rather than after you finish the whole project.  After every time I finished writing a script, or voice recording, or finished a page of a keynote I gave myself a couple minutes to feel good, and do something that I like.  For example petting my cat, or watching a short video.  That way, it remained fun as I worked on it and I was able to stay on track, now looking back after finishing the whole thing I can see the big project that is now finished with relief.

I’m really baffled at the fact that I get to be learning about things like this in high school, it’s such a privilege to have access to such deep education.  Not only are we learning about subjects, but we are learning about learning.   I feel that this course has been a great addition to my grade 11 year as it’s been a small thing in the background that I could think about at any time.  The systems and formulas in the book really resonated with me as I’m someone who finds comfort in science and reasoning.  There was real purpose behind everything in the book.  I have a problem in school when I don’t understand the point of what I’m learning, but all of PGP I’ve clearly understood the importance of this knowledge in my life — especially with university just around the corner.  This project has been a great learning experience, as has this whole year.