Think and Create

For my third think and create I made an art piece which illustrates the roots of where modern racism comes from, and how it ripples through time into the branches of today.  I remember at the beginning of the unit we had to find the cause and consequences of an event, so I thought I’d revisit that and think about what the central and prominent instances that lead to a future of racism were, and what was caused by them.  This can connect to the question that I was tasked with answering this unit which is “What role does culture play in showing us who we are?”.  My group’s answer to this question is that “Culture plays a role in showing us the growth within ourselves, and humankind”, and looking at the development of this part of our culture with visual representation really helps to understand it.  The sunrise in the background symbolizes the light that’s being shed on this issue lately.  Finally after so long people are really paying attention to the black lives matter movement and actively educating themselves.  This is an amazing thing that marks a new day for this movement, and our world.