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Hey guys, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months you probably know about the global pandemic going on. Almost everything that isn’t essential has been shut down, sadly that included the DI provincial tournament. However, luckily for us our teachers decided to host their own provincial tournament an Zoom for PLP! This of course brought new challenges but nothing we couldn’t handle, it just meant that a lot of the planning and creating that had gone into our physical solution went to waste. I’m still going to cover what we were improving on anyways because why not!

Our old backdrop (It’s not pretty)

If you read my last post about the DI regional tournament you probably know that I wanted to improve on every part of the challenge, but most importantly, the impact scenery. Don’t get me wrong, I think that having a working invention is really important too but I’m not the person to build an invention like that. I would be better working on making the impact scenery actually have a visual impact. The main way we were going to do this was to make the scenery look real and good looking, it doesn’t do much if you think that it’s just another painting on the wall. The other way we wanted to improve it was to create our own circuits and place them into the picture for stars. As for what we actually achieved in the last week, it was more plans then anything else. Kaia and I had started painting the new backdrop but both of us were gone on two different days so the progress was slow. I also used a lot of my time to plan out the circuit that I was going to create so I didn’t have to start over because I made a mistake. I’m not exactly sure what was happening with the invention but I believe that we were still finishing planning it out.

However, as I had said before we weren’t able to use most of the stuff we had been working on since it was way too big to bring home and we were still under the impression that we would be coming back. That meant we had to improvise and and figure out how to present our solution without almost any of our actual solution. The main two things that we were missing was our impact scenery and our invention. We all knew that the invention wasn’t going to be finished for the presentation so the question was more about how we show a fridge door closing than anything else. Luckily for us Kaia was able to come up with a great solution for the impact scenery and backdrop. She made two different backdrops, one that was dark and dingy with a dying environment and one that was bright with healthy trees and the sun shining through. We also still had the track of birds chirping from provincials that we just played over the Zoom call.

Sadly I don’t have a video of our performance but I would like to think that we did pretty well with what we had to work with. I think that we were all able to come together and create a solution that made sense and was still an improvement from last time in some areas, such as our script and acting. In the end, even though it wasn’t perfect we worked together and made something we were proud of.

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