A Party for the People

The Dominion Revival Party. It’s a name that gives promises of control and power for the government and yet our goal is to give the power back to the people. The Canadian Government, for all of it’s merits, is bogged down by laws of old; stopping proper representation of the Canadian people in many levels of the government, especially on the federal level. This is the exact problem that The Dominion Revival Party wishes to fix if elected into office. 

Proportional Representation has become somewhat of a buzzword within different parties, all promising to fix the issues of disproportional amounts of power within certain regions of Canada. Yet no other party has such a detailed plan of how to turn this idea into reality as The Dominion Revival. Not only do we plan on revamping the process of redrawing riding lines to include a review every five years instead of every ten to account for our rapidly changing population. We also plan to change provincial representation quotas within the Supreme Court and the senate as current number give certain regions a much higher influence than is responsible. We are the party truly committed to giving Canadians the proper representation they deserve.

Personally, I have already written extensively about the flaws of how ridings are drawn for Canadian elections. How numbers can be so skewed from riding to riding and lines can be drawn with no rules of how nonsensical they happen to be. My own passion for proper proportional representation and knowledge of how the system stops it for becoming a reality has played a major role in the development of our agenda. In fact, each member of our party has strong knowledge of different parts of the governmental structure to create a plan that hits all of the bases.

The Dominion Revival Party has the knowledge to put forth a plan not even contested by other parties and the fight to make sure it is put into place. Vote for power. Vote Dominion Revival.

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