Suprises Aren’t Always A Good Thing

I don’t know about the rest of you but this last week has been riddled with one surprise after another, some more welcome than others. For the last five weeks or so my class has been working on our first project of this year for Humanities which was to create a trailer for a podcast… Continue Reading Suprises Aren’t Always A Good Thing

DI But Not Really

Hey guys, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months you probably know about the global pandemic going on. Almost everything that isn’t essential has been shut down, sadly that included the DI provincial tournament. However, luckily for us our teachers decided to host their own provincial tournament an Zoom for… Continue Reading DI But Not Really

Return of the Exhibition

Hey guys, as most of you know each year PLP does a Winter Exhibition in December to show off the amazing skills we have learned so far in the year. Each grade is given a huge project that are usually a mix of Humanities and Maker combined. This year was no different. Although both classes… Continue Reading Return of the Exhibition

‘Tis The Season For Reflection

Hey guys, this is the final week of the SBC which means it’s time to reflect on everything we did these last seven weeks. However, before I even started to reflect on my actual posts I completed a survey that helped me reflect on the whole challenge. The survey asked questions like: how would I… Continue Reading ‘Tis The Season For Reflection

It’s The Nutcracker!

Hey guys, this week’s theme for the SBC is Celebrations and Festivities and I decided that I would share my family’s Christmas traditions with you. My family celebrates Christmas and we have multiple traditions, like going to our family friend’s house on Christmas Eve to have an amazing roast. However, there’s one tradition that’s a… Continue Reading It’s The Nutcracker!