Cells and diseases.

Welcome to my last post for this year! it seems like this year went by in a flash but i remember when i felt like it would never end. I hopefully can look back on this year of blogs and see how much I’ve learned and grown.

this projects driving question was “How do cells and diseases interact?” And you had to answer this question by making a comic. 

To start off this project I made a mind map like we usually do, This includes questions and things I already knew about cells and diseases.

To make the comic I did a lot of research on cell functions and different types of cells to put into my story. My idea of how to make my comic came from a movie that my teacher showed the class at the start of the project called Osmosis Jones, if you don’t know what movie that is, here is more about it, i really suggest watching it bento only is it informational it is enjoyable and very funny.

And on to the final product of all this, my comic book! I’m not the best at drawing and I’m not the best at writing but i hope you like it!

The White Blood Cell Explains All

See you next time!

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