Get Out

Get Out is an amazing example of how the genre horror can be effectively used to confront society in a significant way that leads to talk of issues we are normally uncomfortable bringing up.

Fear and Society

The film get out plays with the idea of racism in our society and creates a truly terrifying horror. The blatant, obvious scary racism such as threats, and violence towards the African Americans is not really demonstrated throughout the film. Instead we feel, what becomes terrible nervousness, through Chris’s eyes as he experiences racist comments, stares, and odd interactions during his stay with his girlfriends parents. 


The horror of unconsciousness is something I didn’t truly understand until watching this film. It’s absolutely terrifying how they depict what it’s like to be hypnotized into the “sunken place”

This is just a taste of how the family wanted to gain control over Chris. They want to push him down and suppress his will making him a slave held captive inside his hole body for eternity.


Finally the most intense terror is when Chris is trying to escape. Now knowing what fate lies before him if he doesn’t get out, as the audience you are fully on the edge of your seat. The acting and cinematography doesn’t allow you to feel certain of his escape. Even after it seems like he’s going to finally defeat Rose, the cop car pulls up. The black rights matter movement took place because of this all to real fear African Americans have of what might happen to them if a cop wrongfully believes them to be dangerous because of there skin tone.


This movie is already considered a classic horror because of it is creatively and effectively filled with symbols that comment on historical times and today. There are way to many to go into full detail about each but this “The Take” movie analysis does a good job.


Something I find is key to a good horror film is the creative ways we are able to create fear starting with just the camera. Get Out obstructed our vision and point of view throughout the movie to cause confusion. We clearly were restricted to the point of view of Chris until we suddenly realized we also seeing through the grounds keeping and maid at points.


Once again I am relating this film to the classic horror novel Frankenstein


Halloween 🎃

Horror films have been around for decades now in mainstream media. One of the first films to really take off in theatres was Halloween. This film did great things for horror at the time. It popularized horror more than ever and took slasher films to another level.

In class we watched and took notes on the film. In today’s eyes it was not very scary or gruesome, so why was it such a big hit in 1978?

The film Halloween was created during the late 60s. This was around some terrifying events such as Martin Luther kings assassination and serial killers such as Ted Bundy harming people in gruesome ways. Therefore the fear of someone lurking in the shadows wanting to affect terrible harm upon you was an even greater then today.

Not only what was in the paper was having an impact on films and horror, but the media and television were allowing people that were at home during the Vietnam War to see horrifying images of what happened there.

Micheal Myres









The character Micheal Myres was the stand-alone terrifying murderer of this film. What makes this character so intriguing is that he is introduced first as a young boy, who is not innocent as a child should be. After murdering his own sister, the boy is hospitalized in a Sanitarium.

Once he escapes 15 years later the true horror begins…

This character continuously goes against societal norms without a true motivation of why he is inflicting pain and fear onto others. This is what continues to make this monster terrifying is that it could be anyone and it could be coming for you.

Film Creation and Techniques

In an article written by The New York Times the said that “what’s onscreen is a marriage of commerce and art” when talking about Halloween.

Some may not know but this horror classic was actually a low budget film. There was only two little offices for Debra hill and John Carpenter, and the film was shot without pre rehearsing.

Being a low budget film they had to use really effective techniques to make the horror come alive.

One of the most effective pieces to a horror film is the sound. Halloween is known for its recurring song that comes on whenever Michael is near. This tells the audience something terrible is about to happen and keeps them on the edge of there seats. The piercing sound effects were also much more dramatized making scenes much more intense.

The camera work was also done very well. Even at the beginning the way the director made you see the world through young Michaels eyes as he stabs his sister to death is very unpleasant.


During the same time we watched this film we were in the middle of reading the classic Frankenstein by Mary Shelly. I was able to make some comparisons between the two monsters one being Frankenstein’s monster and two being Michael Mires. Both of these characters struggle with society. The monster in the novel is seen as “almost too horrible for human eyes”(pg. 151), and Michael tries to convey this same reaction with a creepy mask. Just as micheal watches from a far on Laurie’s life the monster watches the family next door closely and constantly.



The Taming of the Frump

Shakespeare was an English poet, playwright, and actor. He is still widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language, with a large majority of his literature being classics. Just as every English class does, in PLP we read one of his plays, The Taming of the Shrew.

First we comprehended the play and describe our thoughts about if it was a true classic in an essay.

Is The Taming of the Shrew a classic

Then in groups created an animation that adapted the play to a new time period.

To write my essay I not only had to fully understand the play but understand Shakespeare and the time period he experienced.

Shakespeare lived and wrote during the Elizabethan era. This was considered the golden age because England experienced peace and prosperity while the arts flourished.

Although this was true, it still was not a good time for women. In class we studied historical perspectives of woman at this time.

From reading the play and searching online I made a list about woman at this time:

  • The customs in the time period for marriage was that the father was to give his daughters up to suitors that he thought fit mostly determined by financial status.
  • Women in the upper class where educated through tutors  but there was no school for girls and lower class women would never get an education.
  • They were expected to wear gowns and never pants. A pale complexion was desired and most wore white makeup.
  • These women were raised to believe that they were inferior to men, there was little dispute on the matter and if so they were publicly shamed.

Women were viewed as nothing but objects by society at this time, so it’s no surprise that, that was projected into Shakespeares plays.

In an article we read about Shakespeares evolving attitude towards woman I discovered that leading into Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare started to understand woman.

While he was writing the Taming of the Shrew, this was not the case. At the time it might have been perfectly normal the way Kate was forced into submission, but today it seems nothing less then cruel.

To create our animations we were given a scene and chose a time period to adapt to The Taming of the Shrew. My group, Willa, Parker, Calum and I, had scene 3 and luckily got the 50s

The 50s were a time of family and consumerism but you can read more about that in this post.

Using my knowledge of historical perspective, I now compared woman in the two time periods as you can see in this short video.

We found three main ways to adapt the play to the 50s by changing the characters, setting, and literature. As a group we decided to keep the Shakespeares language but change as many key words as we saw fit.

We also made sure the story line made sense for the time period:

In act 1 instead of lucentio and hortensio teaching Bianca Spanish and guitar we had the men teach her cooking (jello salad) and piano.

In act 2 instead of having petruchio come to the wedding on a horse dressed in informal wear we thought it would make more sense if he came in a gross car (hunk of junk) and was drunk.

Shrew Act 3 – 50’s

From this unit I took away a deeper understanding of literature and what makes a classic. How to use historical perspective effectively and compare and contrast time periods. Finally I know how much time and what skills goes into making a successful animation


Another year Gone By

This School year for me has been a big one, but not just because of PLP. Throughout the year I have had to manage my dance schedule, choir performances and practices, school trips such as Hanford and Spain, and volunteering and work opportunities.

Above all of that, grade 11 classes are known and have proven to be the toughest to get through.

Even though it has been a chaotic year, I’m really proud of what I’ve accomplished.

I decided for my Tpol instead of going through my best and worst work, I would use the story spine we continuously keep coming back to, to demonstrate my year.

The Beginning

The year started off like any other, every student was fresh and eager to be back after a long two months of sunny days by the beach. Although this year already felt different then any other being that our grade 11 PLP class had shrunk down 1 size and we now had regular science and math classes with the other students in our school. I only joined PLP last year, so for me it wasn’t a new skill to have to manage assignments and tests scattered and sometimes stacked on one day from multiple teachers but for the rest of the class, (other than Izzy), this was going to take some getting used to.

The Event

As per usual we got right to work starting off with a Bomb Drop Newsreel video project that some excelled at and others such as myself gave loads of room to grow for this year. What we didn’t realize at the time is that this was all leading up to the big event our Hanford project. We had about a month to prepare for our History in 5 video projects that we would film on our mini exploration to the atomic bomb Hanford site. This project taught me so much about going above and beyond to prepare yourself therefore you can get the most out of your experiences.


At this point in the year I didn’t have any projects that were my best work so I was determined to make the winter exhibition something great. Our exhibition did turn out to be one of my favourite projects I have done in PLP. The exhibition was a class project where we created an interactive experience for our audience. This project captured what I love about projects in PLP. We had a lot of freedom to express our knowledge, we were able to work as a team, and it used a huge variety of skills from writing to building.


With the exhibition done we had a brief moment of celebration for all the work we did before moving on to our next task. This task took a lot of careful thought to be able to execute it really well. The project we had to create was about the Civil Rights Movement. Because this topic was so huge and had many layers we had to really narrow down our topic. My partner for this project was Parker. We both had so many ideas of what we could do because we were exited about learning about such an important topic. We were able to implement our love of music into the project as the influence of freedom songs had a huge impact. Even though I was really passionate about the project I learned that partner projects are really hard for me because I often have contrasting ideas with the other person and get stressed not having control of meeting deadlines.

The Climax

By this time in the story I have been able to balance all of which I talked about at the beginning of the journey. My grades aren’t as high as I would like, I haven’t been able to find much free time but I was still going strong. It was after spring break that this all was going to change. These last three months of school is truly what makes or breaks you and these past three weeks has felt like the great battle that seems to never end. With countless tests and a new job it’s been hard to find enough time to focus on my exhibition. I’ve come to far to create something I felt was mediocre for my conceptual art project so as it comes to the final week I’m needing all the time management skills I can get.


The final performances for dance and choir have come and gone the grade 12s have graduated but somehow there’s still a lot to complete before I’m able to put this past school year behind me. Once it truly does come to an end I will take what I learned this year about teamwork, dedication, and time management into the following years. Even though this story of how I got through my Grade 11 year of high school has come to a conclusion this is not the end for me yet. For now I’m going to enjoy my summer and prepare myself the best I can for truly the end of a great chapter in my life.

Academic Growth Plan


This year in PLP we had a specific course that worked on our goals, productivity, and habits called PGP.

This course wasn’t very big and didn’t have many assignments it mostly enhanced our skills that we all have to use to stay on top of things and do our best.

Even though not all of the tactics and tools we were supposed to take on was a good fit for me, learning about why it’s important to be productive and that there are many ways todo so motivated me.

The tool that I was able to make a habit for productivity was time blocking.

Being a forgetful person with a busy schedule has caused alit of anxiety in the passed so this tool of organizing Calendar has proven very helpful. I also find it more helpful to see the gaps in my day instead of filling it with HW and eating time.

Even though I did not end up loving the app Things. I was motivated to use two more simple tools to organize my HW and to dos.

Since elementary school I’ve been using the little Exercise Book to keep notes, test dates, doodles and all my weekend HW.

It may not look the prettiest but it works!

In case I am even busier then usual I will use notes on my phone as a helpful reminder of my to do’s.

Talking about journals we were given one in PGP for our goal setting. We read the book What Do You Really Want and did it’s many tasks to get you to think deeper about what’s important to you and where you want to get to. I thought the goal ladder was really helpful when thinking about goals like getting into university that has a lot of steps.

I also used my goal ladder to successfully get a job

Finally we learned about the 7 Habits

  • Habit 1: Be Proactive
  • Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind
  • Habit 3: Put First Things First
  • Habit 4: Think Win/Win
  • Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood
  • Habit 6: Synergize

In this part of PGP we were able to reflect on our life as teens in the book and workbook The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teens.

Here are a couple of my favourite pages of the workbook

I thought this work book and these pages in general helped me think about how I balance all aspects of my life. I think having a balanced lifestyle is one of the most important thing you can do to ensure a happy healthy life.

What I liked most about PGP is how it was personal to helping you succeed the best you can. For a whole year I have taken away a lot of skills that I hope to continuously use. I also was able to see how I need to improve in time management and taking care of myself.


World On The Brink

The early 1960s were some of the most dramatic years of the Cold War as several key events influenced the turning point with the Cuban missile crisis of October  1962. But what really led the world to be on the brink of nuclear destruction.

World on the brink essay.

In class we researched, and formulated our essays about why the world was on the brink. I decided to focus on the formation of NATO and more specifically West Germany’s involvement.

Something I learned in this unit is that every event and decision leading up to a change or turning point in history connect to each other

We watched some great films about the Cuban Missile Crisis, the 60s, and social change. From all of these films and further research I made a connection that the want to keep power pushes away serious economic issues and causes more. The Cold War took the attention away from the economic change that needed to happen with the united farm workers and caused more harm to Germany.

The Cold War caused the whole word to live in fear as the threat of nuclear weapons were much to pressing. In the film “Thirteen Days” allows you to feel what the president and others in power such as Kenny O’Donnell might have felt during these intense 13 days. My favourite quote was, “There is no wise old man”, because sometimes when making the tough decisions there is only you, and only you can look at the past to decide what’s best for the future.

We have been learning about the crazy 60s for awhile now but the film “The Sixties: World on the Brink”, as you could have guessed covered the new topic we were focusing on for our essay. From this film we were able to pick one of these topic that we thought was important to research into.

  • Marshall plan
  • Iron curtain
  • Berlin blockade
  • NATO
  • Wasrsaw pact
  • Korean War
  • Berlin Wall
  • Truman Doctrine

Developing Essays

From creating this essay I learned that there is value in spending time after doing your research to think of these four things.

  1. Why am I writing?
  2. How is my topic a small part of a whole?
  3. What message do I want to send?
  4. Who is my audience?

We also focused in on credibility. When using websites for information there are some great tips such as checking out the organization on Wikipedia that will save you from heading down the wrong road. Also Google Books and research data bases are helpful for finding primary sources.

We Shall Overcome

“The freedom songs are playing a strong and vital role in our struggle,”

“the soul of the movement,”

– Martin Luther King

Music is apart of culture, expression, our daily lives and great events in history.

Music has been and continues to be used as a crucial tool for change because it speaks to many people in ways just words cannot.

This video I created with Parker hopefully has proved this statement and given you a new understanding of the power music can have.

To create this video we did extensive research, crafted a script, recorded audio, and found and created footage. I’m not gonna go into detail about the drafts and work for this blog but I will however go into detail about what I learned.

History of Music

In all probability, music has played an important role in the lifecycle of humans perhaps even before we could speak. Significant evidence has been discovered that very early man developed primitive flutes from animal bones and used stones and wood as percussion.

During the medieval period music was a dominant art in taverns to cathedrals, practised by kings to paupers alike. Alongside many other important forms came the madrigal that often reflects the moods and feelings of the people of the time.

The Renaissance (1450 – 1600) was a golden period in music history. As instrumental pieces became accepted into the repertoire, we find the development of instruments like the bassoon and the trombone giving rise to larger and more elaborate instrumental groupings. This gave composers far more scope to explore and express their creative ideas than before

Freedom Songs

From the Montgomery bus boycott onward, music was an integral part of the civil rights movement.“We Shall Overcome,” a song with its roots in the Highlander Folk School during the labor struggles of the 1940s, became the unofficial anthem of the movement.

The songs of campaigns led by student activists moved beyond traditional church music. Younger activists made up new lyrics, giving new life to many traditional songs.

Protest Music Today

Our generation of protesters today knows that if you want justice now there is value in having some sort of battle cry.  Using songs unifies their movement, expresses their needs and soothes all at the same time.

Hip-hop has emerged as society’s driving force when it comes to music. Just as their forebears were involved in the civil rights movement in the 1960s, hip-hop artists and rappers haven’t been afraid to let their opinions be heard. Like “We Shall Overcome” did, Lamar’s “Alright” has become an almost unofficial anthem for those protesting injustice.

The purpose of protest music is to bring a movement together. As long as we keep using these new tools we are gaining, such as social media to make these songs and unit people together, protest music will continue.

Can One Voice Really Create Change?

You might have heard before that one person can make a difference and wondered why haven’t I stood up and created change? Though it is possible there is a lot of reasons why one person is able to make such a big change in society and one might not.

An individual such as Martin Luther King can change the system when there actions are influential due to luck of the time, place, and previous events.

This was the thesis that I created for this blog we also created a Learning Portfolio Pitch Form.

Martin Luther King  and Emma González both were able to use there voices and experiences to move towards changing a corrupt system. Even though there situations were different how they acted apon it was very similar.

Civil Rights Movement

Throughout 1950s-60s the Civil rights movement was going on because African Americans people did not have equal rights. Even though the civil war abolished slavery, there was still massive discrimination and segregation.

The Jim Crow Laws made it so that in the south black people couldn’t use the same public facilities as whites, live in many of the same towns or go to the same schools and most blacks couldn’t vote because they were unable to pass voter literacy tests.

This was just some examples of the many ways the laws seperated black and white. There was also segregation on the buses which was very inconvenient because black passengers made up 75% of the bus riders. Not only did they have to give up there seat to a white person, but when the black section was full and the white was empty they could not sit there.

Many woman were being threatened by the bus drivers or thrown in jail, because they had authority to do so. Decided to exicute the plan of having a bus boycott Johannes Robinson got her students to pass out flyers and called a bunch of people to endorse the boycott and together they selected a newcomer named Martin Luther King to head up the Montgomery approval association.

Martin’s Impact

Martin Luther King without his notes, started speaking about Rosas story, and the long history of abuses and insults to black citizens on the buses. He used his voice to preach a message he truly believed people needed to hear.

“Standing beside love is always justice and we are only using the tools of justice. Not only are we using the tools of persuasion but we’ve come to see that we’ve got to use the tools of coercion. Not only is this thing a process of education but it is also a process of legislation.” 

The people not only listened to his words but shouted praise for what heard what he was saying was so moving. It was obvious Martin was a great speaker but because of how Rosa a highly respected citizen was treated on the bus, which resulted in the boycott being a success, which made it so

More on:

Emma’s impact

Emma Gonzalez was a high school senior when she survived the February 2018 Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida. By then there had been 5 other school shootings in the US that year. Emma was always very passionate and strongly independent so when the tragity occurred at her school she didn’t attempt to censor her opinions and used her powerful voice.

Just three days later she delivered an impassioned speech at a gun control rally in Fort Lauderdale, calling out President Trump, other politicians and the NRA for not tightening gun laws that could prevent “the hundreds of senseless tragedies that have occurred.”

Her speech was broadcast nationally and that afternoon her name was trending all over social media platforms such as twitter. From then on she continued speaking for the movement and promoting stricter gun laws @Emma4Change. Along with other students from her school she founded March for Our Lives which many other young activists took part in.

More on:

Martin and Emma was/are very influential to millions of people because of how they stood up in a time of feeling hopeless and scared. Martin started preaching right after everyone in the community were already on edge because of Rosa parks and Emma spoke out about needing stricter gun laws only three days after going through a horrible school shooting. If they didn’t speak out when they did, where and why, many would simply accept it and keep going with there life’s until another tragedy occurs.

mPOL 2019

Its insane to think that we are already halfway through the school year and that the summer is so far gone, but from the start of September till now we have learned and accomplished a lot in PLP. This year in PGP we were shown an academic success plan/goals to shape and work towards this year. In grade 11 we have Curricular Competencies, ISTE Standards aswell as Habits if mind. I thoughts all of these resources had were great goals suited for our year and will be helpful to think about and refer back to them in further work.

Curricular competincies

  • Assess the significance of people, cultural expressions, political issues, places, events, or developments, and compare varying perspectives on their historical significance at particular times and places, and from group to group (significance)
  • Read for enjoyment and to achieve personal goals
  • Use writing and design processes to plan, develop, and create engaging and meaningful texts for a variety of purposes and audiences

Habits of Mind

• Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations: Use what is learned; Consider prior knowledge and experience; Apply knowledge beyond the situation in which it was learned.

ISTE Standards
• Empowered Learner: Students leverage technology to take an active role in choosing, achieving and demonstrating competency in their learning goals, informed by the learning sciences.

We also now use a journal and things to organize and create and keep track of our goals. There was a lot of helpful assignments in the novel What Do You Really Want that really made you think of what goals are important and how you can actually achieve them. I put some of the work I did in Book Creator

PGP Goals

PGP Goals
Click to read this book, made with Book Creator

Our big question to be covering in this Mpol which is:

How are you going to progress as a learner before the end of the school year?

I will be answering this by showing examples of where I haven’t done my best work, and what I should’ve done differently. Aswell as showing where I thought I did great work, and how I can go farther next time.

The Newsreel Project

One of our first projects this year, sadly, I felt like was my worst project in Plp in general. Though I guess when you think about it, it’s alright because I can only go up from there. This project was creating a Newsreel that I did with Sam, Callum, and Ryan.

The problem for me wasn’t motivation or understanding the expectations, because I was exited for this project and thought it was going to look really cool. What I did find challenging in this particular project, was working with my group. I found that we weren’t working very well in class and definitely weren’t all as motivated to do this project, which greatly affected the outcome. Next time there’s a few things I definetly could have done differently.

#1 Decide What Role is Best for me Considering the Circumstances

For this project I took on writing the most of the script. During the project I had more time then usual and like I said before I was very interested in the project unlike some. All though it was beneficial that I did the first draft of the script because I got it done fast so there was more time for the rest of creating the project, I definetly think I should taken over the final draft of editing.

#2 Make Sure Everyone is on the Same Page

Because we didn’t work enough in class we didn’t communicate enough as a team. I found when I saw the final product there was a lot missing, such as a title, and the visuals wasn’t what I imaged they would be for our theme. I wish I spoke up more because even though I understood what we should be doing to make it a great project, not everyone did.

#3 Don’t be Afraid to Just Do

I really held my self back on this project because I was afraid of over stepping when I didn’t need to. Next time I should definetly go with my gut when I’m worried someone might need help or not have enough time to get some of there part done well. Instead of asking them if there good or need me to do anything, I will take action.  

Before I get into the exhibition I’m going to talk about the blog I created for it.

This years exhibition was such a cool PLP project that exited everyone one way or another because it involved building, art, acting, writing, and presenting. Though it also was intimidating because although there was something I love (art) there was also something I don’t tend to enjoy (presenting). I definetly was proud of my work I took charge in painting the scenery created props, helped edit the script, had some good ideas that were heard, and definitely got out of my comfort zone acting as Joseph Welch.

Now that I reflected I realize there was definitely a couple things I could have done differently. I definitely could have gotten out of my comfort zone for this project. When assigning roles instead of saying that I didn’t care and staying away from big roles such as being a guide I should have gone for it. Also I should have been preparing for the blog post by taking notes and pictures of the process.


My last example of work I have done is actually not from this year but I thought might be substantial to include and reflect apon. So let’s take a look at my last years mPOL.


Coming back to your big question, “how are you going to progress as a learner before the end of the school year?”, all I can really say is that I am going to try, probably fail at first, grow from my mistakes, succeed sometimes, and always be open to do more.

To elaborate on that, I am going to start every project not thinking I will never get this done or it won’t be good, but how can I use whatever time I have to get it done and be at least a little proud of the work I have done. Managing my time is more important than ever this year, having multiple classes with constant heavy workloads, so it is great that are PLP teachers are pushing us to time manage. How I time manage is by writing in my journal. I have been using this method for a long time and it really works if I follow it. I always have my journal in my back back and whenever we are given homework or a test is coming up, even if I don’t know exactly when it’s due, I write it down and later order the priority usually for the weekend.

A new skill I will be using this year is the time blocking. I have always had my schoo, and dance/sport schedule in my calendar but never thought of using it for homework. Although I mentally schedule out when I have time for homework being able to see everything I need to do and not worrying about forgetting something would definetly help me not leave things to the last minute.

This year I am going to put a lot more effort in time management because when you allow yourself more to get the most out of opportunities you are given.