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COVID Climbing

Hi again, it’s been a while. Currently we’re still in a pandemic, and what better thing to do then make a video about it. This project was called Witness to History, and it was all about a teens perspective during… Continue Reading →

Hyped soup

Hi friends and welcome back to another blog post. Somehow despite a global pandemic we still managed to have DI! We did DI over a zoom call instead! If you’re wondering what the heck DI is check out my last… Continue Reading →

Metaphor Machinez

It’s day 14 of seeing no one except my family, so today I’m writing a quarantine post. Anyhow today’s post is all about Scimatics. Our most recent project was a project called metaphor machines. In this project we built a… Continue Reading →

Let’s get Riel reflective

Hi my friends and welcome back to yet another blog post! Todays post is about everyone so favourite topic, historical injustice! This project we were learning more about image creation, Canadian history, Louis Riel, and the injustice the First Nations… Continue Reading →

Not so Hype Soup – NOT CLICKBAITE – 100% REAL – THE TRUTH

Well folks we done it. The first part of DI has finished, and I’m certainly not saying that it’ll be all fun and games from here, but at least we’re half way done, right? Anyhow, lemme do a quick lil… Continue Reading →

Confederation Commercial

Hi folks and welcome to today’s post. Todays post is all about the confederation and the commercial we created about it. For this quick little project we studied the Canadian confederation. We learned about the history of the birth of… Continue Reading →

Social Credit System || A polynomial Project

Hi, welcome to another post please forgive my lack of vocabulary, this post was written in the morning. Today’s post is all about polynomials, and the project we did about polynomials. For this project we could make anything we liked,… Continue Reading →

mPOL 2.0

Hello, and welcome to the first presentation of learning for this decade. This is the third presentation of learning I have done, and hopefully one of many more. The driving question for this presentation is “What is your learning goal… Continue Reading →

TikTok… wait the app?

Hi there everyone and welcome back to my latest blog post. And if you thought the topic on my last blog post is weird well this one’s weirder. Today we were learning all about TikTok. Now you may just think… Continue Reading →

The Return Of The Exhibition

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the first post of a new decade! Let’s hope it’s ok! This project was a little wacky. It was about….. Star Wars! Now that doesn’t sound the most most regular school topic but don’t… Continue Reading →

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