The slideshow is my favourite photos from Oregon!

Hey guys I’m back!!✌️ Today I’m telling you all about the Oregon field school I went on! For those of you who don’t know what a field school is it’s basically a field trip, I essentially went on a giant field trip to Coastal Oregon! Today I am going to be telling you about my favourite things during the field trip! Above you will see the book I made about Oregon! Click the link to view.

A collage I made of my favourite photos from the trip! ✌️

My favourite meal: My favourite meal of the entire trip would probably be the Thai food that we eat at Nisa‘s Thai kitchen. I really like Thai food and I got to try so many dishes there but I would never have tried with my family. I also really liked this special sauce that you poured over your race, it was a mango coconut sauce and it tasted DELICIOUS!!

A sketch of my favourite meal!


My favourite activity: My favourite activity would have to be zip lining. I’ve only been zip lining once before then, and this time was even more amazing! I really liked our guide and all the zip lines were really really fun! One of my favourite parts of zip lining was when Ciara and I got fully dunked in the lake! We didn’t want to get dunked at all, but our friend kaden convinced the guide to fully Dunk us!

Zip lining!

My favourite place we stayed: My favourite place we stayed would have to be at the South Beach state park yurts. I have never stayed in a yurt before then, and it was totally awesome! It was like sleeping in a big tent! It also helped that me and my cabin were close to the bathroom so that you didn’t have to go far at night!

A sketch of the yurt I stayed in!

My favourite fact I learned: My favourite fact I learned was there is actually a certain type of sea anemone me that clones itself! It’s called the Anthopleura elegantissima, and creates identical copies of itself! It has many ways of cloning itself, one of them is to completely split itself in half!

Sea anemones!

My favourite beach we visited: Since we went to coaster Oregon we went to Meny Beaches. My favourite beach was probably Beverly beach. It wasn’t busy at all so we were the only people there, we saw the most beautiful sunset, and the sand was so beautiful. I live in a place where you found almost no sandy beaches and only rocky beaches, so perfect sand like that got me so excited. I also took some incredible photos there which I am very proud of.

A photo I took✌️

Well those are some of my favourite things from my Oregon field study thank you guys so much for reading! See you soon! ✌️