Hey guys I’m back ✌️! Today I’m going to talk about week 8, holidays and festivals!

Today it’s all about the main holiday for my family, Christmas!!!!! So as most of us know Christmas takes place on the 25th of December, it’s coming up!! Technically Christmas is a Christian celebration for the day Jesus was born, but my family is not Christian. My family celebrates Santa, being together as a family, and presents!

The thing is though, all my family lives in England and Ireland. My family will typically go away to England or Ireland over winter to have Christmas with them, not always though. But enough about my Christmas locations let’s talk about Christmas traditions!

One of my family’s favourite traditions is watching the sound of music every Christmas morning! In case you didn’t know the sound of music is a movie about a slightly wild nun, who goes to nanny a wealthy family during the Second World War. It’s also a musical, it sounds strange but it’s totally awesome!

One of my favourite memories from Christmas was several year ago when we went to England for Christmas and a wedding! We went to celebrate Christmas and then on the 28th, we went to my cousins wedding in a huge several hundred-year-old castle and chapel!

Thanks for listening about my Christmas! Make sure you guys have an awesome holiday season too! Bye for now, I’ll see you next week✌️!