Hi guys as it seems I have resurfaced, and today is strangely not an SBC post. With the start (it’s not really the start anymore but I need some opening sentences) of grade nine comes the start of everyone’s favourite class PGP. And today we’re defying science and experimenting in time travel. Luckily we’re not going back to far, we’re just heading back to the wildest experience I’ve had so far this year… Alberta. This post is not about a project I did though it’s more about me. And this post I’m gonna be explaining how I manage my impulsivity‘s to get work done and have a good time.

I think the biggest challenge to manage my impulses was at the ghost town. I was super excited to go to my first ever ghost town and all I wanted to do was run around and look at all the cool places! But I knew I couldn’t do this because I had a video to film and not very much time to film it so I really had to manage myself. In our first half an hour where we looked for locations I tried to get a look around and get a feel for the place all well keeping the project in mind. Even though I still hadn’t got to see most of the town once we started filming I managed myself and focussed in on what was important which was getting the video done. This was really hard for me because I was actually super excited to see everything but I knew what was more important even though it took a lot of effort not to get distracted I think I managed myself well and I think my group did a really good job at filming. I’m glad that I managed to control myself in the ghost town, even though I wanted to look around everywhere it was more important I got my video done and start to learn some of the video skills I used throughout the entire trip.

The second major example of me battling my impulses was in Beakerhead. When I got there I really wanted to just sit at one art display and basically watch it for the entire night. This may seem like a strange impulse but I was very tired and I just wanted to sit down. I knew however if I sat down I would miss this amazing opportunity. This was a place filled with incredible art and I definitely needed to see as much of it as I possibly could. So instead of giving into my will to just sit down, I took a deep breath and told myself “Get up and go look at this beautiful festival. You are going to miss so much if you don’t go see this, and I know that you’ll regret it.” So I got back up, corralled all my friends and we set off to go see all of the festival. We took it slow as we were tired but we saw every art piece, and got to have an amazing time. I’m really thankful that I managed to control my impulse to just sit down and give up because otherwise I would’ve missed a really fantastic opportunity and I wouldn’t have got to learn about the amazing art that is created in Calgary.

Overall I got a lot of practice managing my impulses on this trip. After days of being tired and busy all day It got sometimes pretty hard to pick yourself back up again and keep on going, but I think I managed to do it pretty well and I’m happy about that. I still sometimes need help with getting myself motivated to keep on going but I’m learning how to do that and that’s what’s important. I hope this year in PGP we learn more about how to manage our impulses because it can sometimes be a problem for me in day-to-day life, and it would be useful to learn some tips to help me battle it. In the end I think I ended up managing my impulses pretty well on the Alberta trip, there were some rough times but I did manage to learn a lot and have a lot of fun!

aloha no kēia manawa,