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December 2019

Chemistry Stories || Helium Helium

Why should you never trust an atom? Because they make up everything! Wow humour, what an art. Anyways welcome to the possibly last blog post of the decade. And today we’re talking a bit about my final Scimatics project of… Continue Reading →

A New Hope || A Review (I’m becoming classy)

Hi, I’m back, and I’m becoming a critic. The movie I’ll review today is “A New Hope”, which is episode IV of the Star Wars film series. Now I’m sure you’ve heard of Star Wars, but in case you haven’t,… Continue Reading →

Week 8 || The end

Hello friends I hate to say this but our blogging fun is over. We have come to the close of the student blogging challenge for 2019. This is been a wild ride but luckily I’m gonna do a little reflecting… Continue Reading →

Week 7 || SBC

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post for the student blogging challenge! Today we’re going to be talking about celebrations and festivals, and since Christmas is so close to us now, I thought I’d talk about it! My… Continue Reading →

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