Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post for the student blogging challenge! Today we’re going to be talking about celebrations and festivals, and since Christmas is so close to us now, I thought I’d talk about it!

One of our Christmas trees!

My family really loves decorating for Christmas! It’s one of our absolute favourite holidays and we start decorating almost the second December starts! One of the biggest traditions we have is decorating the tree. My family has a strange obsession with collecting ornaments and we get ornaments from almost every place we go to. So one of our favourite things is to put all the ornaments up and remembering where we went and the memories we had. We spend 3 ish hours just looking at ornaments and laughing over memories. One of the best parts is getting new ornaments! Every year my mum buys special ornaments for everyone in the family and it’s always exciting to see the new ornaments!

The second task we had today was to photograph some important things for our holiday! I choose to photograph my favourite ornament. The ornament I choose was a glass angel. This is in a set of 3 angels that represents me, my mum, and my sister. This is a really special ornament to me because it represents the special bond between me, my mom, and my sis. We’ve had this ornament for so many years and we all put it up at the same time together.

Alrighty I’m going to go be excited by Christmas…