Hey, hey, hey! A while welcome to my first weekly blog post! In case you hadn’t guessed, I’ll be doing one of these every week. This week was pretty short consisting of two days in total. However in these two days we already launched a project AND completed a milestone. A pretty busy two days if you ask me. But still I managed to learn plenty!

Our Project Description/Plan

I think the most interesting thing I learned this week was the difference in people’s beliefs in who’s great. Great is such an interesting term and can mean a whole matter of things to many people. People almost always consider different people great, and it’s often crazy to me who people consider great. But I guess it just shows how much people differ, and how many factors can shape how we view greatness. When figuring out my choice for greatest Canadian I’m sure many things will influence my choice, and I’ll have a slightly different answer to everyone else. I hope as I head forward in this project I’ll be able to figure out my definition for greatness, because I one day hope to be great too, but right now I know little of what greatness really is.

My Notes At The Start Of This Project Using Typing

For this upcoming week I really want to work on note taking using typing I only ever note take using writing, and I think now that my screen is broken, this project is a great opportunity for me to learn how to type faster and take notes better. I’m gonna work on not writing everything and instead using key points, and turning things into my own words so that I can remember them better, instead of copying word for word what the textbook says. I know note taking will be something I use forever but I won’t always have an Apple Pencil to help me write, and I’ll need to be able to type. I’ll be trying my best to focus on this for this next week, and for the rest of the project too!

Yo, thanks for turning in folks, and I’ll see you next week!