Heya, what up, just in case you were wondering, the title IS a rip off of my Cherona, but anyways. I just finished a major project, a live radio play! Now as I have talked about in all of my recent blog posts, we have recently been studying Shakespeare, and in particular Romeo & Juliet. In fact our driving question was How can we present a live audio story (Romeo and Juliet) that makes an audience appreciate the relevance of Shakespeare? It’s been a wild ride of a project, with a radio play and several podcasts episodes, but in the end it worked out.. ish

One of the big things we did in this project was creating not 1, but 2 episodes for our podcast. We were tasked with creating a “co-host” style episode and I had Ben and Meg as my co-hosts. I feel like out of the whole project these definitely were my strongest milestone(s). My group did quite a good job planning these podcasts, and had really good footage for making our episode. We also did (I think) a good job at linking some of our weirder topics back to the project, and our main text, Romeo and Juliet. I mean we some how managed to link anime to Romeo and Juliet, so I’m expecting an award. I’m really proud of the final episode I put out, and it’s definitely my favourite episode so far, I also was shocked that I enjoyed my classmates episodes too, so go check out some others. 

Now the Second big part of our project did NOT go so smoothly. As I said at the start of this blog post, we were making a live radio play? Honestly it’s actually kind of a pain trying to explain this, so imagine what a play would look like if it was just the actors speaking at mic’s. I was assigned to the production team for this play, That meant we were supposed to keep people on time, make sure groups were doing what they were supposed, to and overall do a lot of the project running. But unfortunately at the start of the play we failed pretty spectacularly. We asked to many questions, gotten peoples way, and weren’t communicating well enough with each other. So I actually ended up coming up with a plan where we would have representatives for each group, so no one would be overlapping and asking the same questions, or bugging the other groups too much. I think it was a really good example of me finding the solution to a problem that I was facing, and being able to think and find a way around it. And in my biased opinion I think it ended up helping us quite a bit.

In a spectacular conclusion I think this project and it up going fairly well overall for the limited time we had. Still if I was going to change anything I would’ve gone back to the 1st mile stone. The 1st mile stone was to rewrite the story of Romeo and Juliet however you wanted. However I’m not much of a creative writer, and I’m not particularly proud of mine. But after I had finished Ms. Willemse gave me some really good advice, If you’re ever stuck in terms of creative writing a story writing, write what you know. I wish I could go back and rewrite that original story with a topic I connected to more perhaps anime, climbing, or something like that. I think it would help me understand what story I wanted much better and probably would’ve produced a better final product. Luckily this is something I can keep in mind as I go into English 11 and 12, because I’m sure I’m gonna need it. 

Thanks for checking up my blog today and make sure you check out my podcast above as well as Ben and Meg‘s podcasts which will be on their blogs!