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Hiroshima by John Hersey

 It’s back to being blog time guys. And recently we’ve been doing one hell of a project. We are currently talking all about the atomic bomb. And one of the key parts to understanding the atomic bomb has been reading… Continue Reading →

The Nuremberg Code

Yo, welcome back to my blog. We’ve just recently started a new project which is going to be all about the Manhattan project. My teacher has a lofty goal of convincing us that the Manhattan project is an The most… Continue Reading →

The Politics Project

What up guys welcome back to my blog. We just wrapped up our first project of the year, and you may have seen a couple of my previous posts on this project, but it’s all about politics. When we started… Continue Reading →

The Future Party

Hey guys welcome to the newest blog post. We’re still on this same politics project, but now I’ve got a group and a party!! It’s made up of me, Julia, Gabe, Anders, and Matthew, and our party is the Future… Continue Reading →

The Pillar of Democracy

Yo and welcome to the first blog post of the year. If you’ve noticed my two month long hiatus, have no fear, I’ve returned. We’ve started a truly epic project all about Canadian politics. If you’ve set foot in Canada… Continue Reading →

The Fabulous Fifties

Gee-wiz welcome back folks (I’m a master at 50’s slang). We have just finished up our big project about the 1950s. In this project we were tasked with answering the driving question “How did Canadian life develop after WWII?” We… Continue Reading →

The Power Shift

Hiya and welcome to the Blog. As I’m sure you gleaned from my recent post titles we’ve been talking about Canadian life post WW2 and 50s in school. However this week I wanted to talk about a more indirect change… Continue Reading →

THE social program

Hey y’all and welcome back to my post. In school we had an interesting discussion this week. We talked a lot about social programs in Canada after the 50s. And Miss Axel asked us an interesting question which was “… Continue Reading →

CBC Radio Canada

Hey what up, and welcome back to my blog. (If you happen to be new here right now were discussing the 50s in Canada) This week sure was an interesting one. We actually discussed quite a lot of topics in… Continue Reading →

Women’s life (back in the day)

Gender roles in the fifties? What were they like, and how have they changed. As I have talked about in my 2 previous posts, we’ve (in class) been talking a lot about the fifties. And a topic we recently touched… Continue Reading →

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