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Oregon trip!!!!!!!!!!!! (Field study)

In October we went to Oregon!!! My school group PLP and I went to Oregon, USA. We went for 6 days and it was so much fun! We did lots of work, but we also did tons of fun things too! A lot of this trip was getting to know class mates. We did lots of group activities, where we all had to use teamwork to solve challenges. For example, at one point we did quests. We were put in groups and we solved quests! The quests were very hard, but we managed to do some of them. My quest group was : Keenan, Sophia, Liam, Raymond, Nathan .

The quests were a lot of fun, but really really hard.


During this Oregon field study, we also made books, here is mine :

Our books were the main focus of our field study, and that’s what we were working on the whole time. We recorded things that we liked, took pictures and took notes on interesting things!

This is cheese from a creamery we went to.

This is cheese from a creamery we went to. I really like cheese. We went to a cheese factory and we got to taste as much cheese as we wanted. That was a highlight.

We also went to a wildlife park and I got to see a beaver!

I had so much fun in this trip and I really hope we get to go on more really fun trips like this one because it was so much fun!

We had some competencies to complete on this trip. The first one was persisting. I think I really persisted and I didn’t give up. A good example of this was on the quests. There was on equestrian where all the other quest groups had finished, but my quest group had gotten lost. Even though it took extra work, we persisted and finished the quest even though we had almost given up. The second competency was managing impulsivity. I think I demonstrated this competency well, because this competency means thinking before acting, no I didn’t call out or do anything stupid without thinking. The next competency was thinking about thinking. I was completely aware of my own thoughts and I was quite aware of my effects from my actions on others. The next competency was questioning and posing problems. I think I did alright on this competency. I asked a few questions and I found problems to be solved, I had a bit of trouble finding solutions, but in the end I think I did alright. The last competency was thinking interdependently. I think I did well with this one. Part of this competency would be the quest groups, the yurts and cabin groups, and even meals! This was all about team work. The quest groups needed team work to find clues, the yurts needed team work to wake up and stay clean and tidy, and eating needed team work with passing food down the tables! Overall I think I showed the competencies quite well.


That was my Oregon trip! Be sure to comment and read the book!

indiras • November 4, 2019

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