Celebrations and festivities(SBC)


 This weeks challenge was to talk about celebrations and festivities! I love to have parties, so celebrations are my favourite things!

First, I would like to talk about the holidays my family and friends celebrate! We usually celebrate a variety of holidays.


The first one that we celebrate is common, Christmas 🎄! Usually on Christmas we go away, but sometimes we stay home. Christmas usually involves presents. Last Christmas I was away on a road trip, and I was driving home on Christmas Day. A few years ago, I went to Australia on Christmas Day I was on the plane. Christmas is always one of my favourite holidays and I decorate for Christmas just after remembrance day.

This is me visiting lights in December 2018

The next holiday that I really love comes right after Christmas, NEW YEARS!🎆

Last year I went to Vancouver island for New Years. We stayed in Parksville, and had a lot of fun. I went with a friend group and we walked out into the ocean because the tide was out.


This is a picture from 3 kilometres out in the ocean, New Year’s Eve, 2018-2019

The last major holiday my family celebrates is… Thanksgiving!


Usually thanksgiving is a pretty huge deal for my family. It’s a time we all get together and have a good time. This year my dad (an ex-chef) cooked a turducken! Wchich isn’t a turkey stuffed with a chicken stuffed with a duck! We invited some friends over and had a great time !



This image below is a poem I drew in sketches pro, about celebrations I celebrate.


It’s a short poem about the celebrations that many people including myself celebrate! Each holiday corresponds with a colour.



Thank you  for reading my blog post! Please comment! What’s your favourite holiday? It’s almost Christmas 🎄!!! !!