Mazer tag!!!!

This is my post about mazer tag! Mazer tag was our last project for scimatics this term. We combined math and lasers to make cool Star Wars ships for an exhibition we’re doing!

Our exhibition is on Star Wars and we’re making parts of our school look like Star Wars planets! We got put into groups, my group was Me(obviously),Erin, and Liam. Together, we decided to make an AT-AT as our final product.
This guy.


We surrounded it with lasers and we put dry ice into it so that you could see the lasers properly. It took a lot of tries to get it to work, because the legs kept collapsing, and a day before the exhibition it was in pieces on the floor. It was a bit of a disaster, but, I think that it still worked out the way we hoped it would.


For this project we started with a mind map, that showed our knowledge:

After that we did some brainstorming, some textbook work, and they we started building. We spent a ton of classes building and finalizing our product.

For this project we had a few curricular competencies to do…..


The first one was Communicating and Representing. The way I demonstrated this competency was; I learned how to use the Pythagorean theorem, and solve right angle triangles. I made a right angle triangle, and figured out how A2 + B2 = C2.


The second curricular competency was Applying and innovating. The way I demonstrated this competency was; I helped my group make our lazer triangle nice and interesting. I also demonstrated this competency when I was setting up our room for the exhibition, where I helped all of my group members set up, and made our room look like a star wars planet.


The last competency was Questioning and predicting. The way I demonstrated this competency was; I used all of my class time very well, and I even did some of my work at home. I learnt a lot during class time, and I overall I demonstrated some interest in the topic.


This was my blog post on mazer tag! Thanks for reading! Be sure to comment!