Star Wars XIV: Exhibition

To end the term we did a huge Star Wars project! Here’s how it went!

I was on planet Hoth, from the movie The Empire Strikes Back.

In this exhibition I presented my mini blue sky project. The mini blue sky, if you didn’t know, is where you come up with a problem and find the solution. I decided to come up with the driving question; How might we see the impact if the droids from Star Wars lived on earth and lived in our society? I answered that question with a video. The video I made was a short film. I made the short film with the storyline that the droids were here, but then they disappeared,and no one knew how to function properly. Here’s the video:


I was really happy with my end result, but unfortunately not many people saw it at the exhibition. Because the video is more than 2 minutes long, most people didn’t want to stay for it all, so most people only saw the beginning of it, and how I made it.

Another thing we did with this project was LAUNCH. It was our process. L stood for Look , listen and learn. A was Ask questions. U was Understand a process or problem. N was Navigate ideas. C was Create a prototype. And H was Highlight and fix. At the bend of the process we launched our end results to the world! We did that at the exhibition! When we were creating this project, we documented the process in our launch journals, this is that:

After I had done LAUNCH and made my final product, I presented it at the exhibition! The exhibition was actually a great way to present all of everyone’s learning. There were 4 main planets; Hoth, Tatooine, Endor, and The Death Star. I got put on Hoth, along with other people, and we planned on how to make it a great planet, that actually looked like a planet. I think we did a really good job. On this “planet” I had my project, and my lazer maze The blog post about the lazer mazes. We did a lot of planning and we had food, games, projects and lots of entertainment on Hoth.

The exhibition part of the project was pretty fun. People walked around it and we presented to them. I think we had a pretty fair amount of people walking through the room and there were very many that stopped by. I think that when I was presenting to them I was doing a pretty good job. I kind of evolved my own presentation throughout the night to make it better for people to understand and quicker so that they didn’t have to wait around. I found it was a lot better to present the bigger parts of the project with more detail and the smaller parts getting mentioned but not with great detail. Overall the walk through part was great and I got some pictures.

We spent the day decorating the room and transforming it. Then, after the exhibition was over and everyone had left, we cleaned it all up and it was back to what it was the day before.

I think that all of the steps that went into it for learning the process were really good and I think that the LAUNCH phases will be used more and I think I’ve grown as a learner.

To celebrate the exhibition, the next day, we all went and saw the new Star Wars movie,The Rise Of Skywalker. The exhibition was held on December 19 2019, the day before winter break!

Overall it was really fun and I think it all turned out great!

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