Midway presentation of learning

Hi! This is my Midway Presentation Of Learning 2020! To start off I would just like to say that the learning I have done so far this year, probably passes the amount of learning I’ve done in elementary school. I know elementary was just the basics but I feel like so far, PLP has enhanced my learning a lot.

There are four PLP subjects that I take: Humanities, Scimatics, Maker, and PGP ( Personal Growth Plan).

Putting in a little sidebar here to say that I can’t mention every project because there are so many!

Humanities is a great class that has been interesting so far. In humanities we’ve done so many great projects that teach us a lot. I think that in humanities I’ve done pretty well and I hope to do as well and maybe better in the future. Some things I learned and have been working on for a while are: Text comprehension and appreciation strategies, Historical perspective, Literary identification and analysis, and Creating and extending shared understanding. Here’s a link to some other humanities projects:The medium is the message

Scimatics is a class where it can be hard, but it can also be very cool. For scimatics I think if I tried just a little bit harder I could do better. Some of the competencies that I’ve learned in scimatics are: Applying and innovating, Big idea, and Understanding and solving. Here’s a link to some scimatics projects:Plate tectonics Mazer tag


Maker is a class where we work on skills on the iPad, mainly, and we learn how to do cool things with the tools we have. In maker I think I’ve done fairly well. Personally I believe there’s always room for improvement, but I still think that I did to the best of my abilities so far. Here’s a list of some of the competencies we’ve worked on so far: Digital citizen, and Knowledge constructor, Empowered learner, Innovative designer and so many more! Here’s a link to some Maker projects:Exhibition post,Power of the pencil.

Part of PGP that we worked on was in Oregon. When we went to Oregon we worked on team skills and things like that. In PGP though, we mainly have been focused on planning, organizing and scheduling. We learnt lots of stuff from how to put things in your calendar to how to organize your to dos. We played around with things a lot and learned how to have a good homework and work schedule. There have been some problems with being able to speak and pitch ideas, but I’m working on it. Some things we worked on so far have been: Thinking about thinking, Thinking interdependently, Managing impulsivity and many many more! Here’s some links to PGP posts:Oregon post


There are definitely some goals I’d like to set for the future as a learner. A goal I would definitely like to set would be to get my work done earlier then the day before. Most of the time I leave my work a little to late and I would like to be able to review it more than just for 5 seconds before handing it in.

Of the completed projects the one that I struggled most with was the mini blue sky project. I think that I struggled with that one because it took a lot of creative skill and a lot of thinking.


As a thoughtful question I decided to ask “How do you suggest I improve my speaking skills?”


Thank you for reading my post about MPOLs!


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