Chemistry Coding – Scimatics!

This past month or so, we’ve been working on a project called Chemistry Coding! So far we’ve done a lot of work with textbooks and Scratch which is a coding website. In this blog post I will talk about what competencies I used, what I learned, what went well, the project end mind map and how my final product turned out. Here we go!


The competencies I used were;

-Questioning and Predicting

-Evaluating/ Reasoning and Analyzing


I think for Questioning and Predicting I did really well because personally I think I used my class time fairly well and I demonstrated a curiosity. I think I was quite curious about the topics and it might not have come across fully but I was very interested in matter and molecular theory and I thought it was very cool.

I think for Evaluating/ Reasoning and Analyzing I did okay. I only say okay because my applet was coded properly and all that but there were some problems mentioned at the end. I think I did alright at this competency and I think I was fairly successful.

For communication I think I did pretty good. I successfully mentioned and learned about all of the different molecules and atoms and I learned the scientific language. I’d say for this competency I fulfilled it and hopefully demonstrated it throughout the project.


Some of the things I’ve learnt: I’ve learned about things like safety in the lab, kinetic theory, matter, atomic theory, particle motion, different kinds of change and how to code an applet etc.


Want went well was almost all of it because I learned things, used the competencies and made the game!

The final product! The final product was rough because even though I finished the game and was happy with it I made a few mistakes. We showed our final products by having a gallery walk type thing. My game has a key part where you need a keyboard to see facts and to change backgrounds and even to win. I left my keyboard at my house and when it was shown it had only one background. Overall I was very proud of my final product and I thought it was a good game. Below I have put some pictures of a few of the backgrounds that I made.

Here is my project end mind map:

Thanks for reading my blog post on Chemistry Coding! Be sure to comment!