Middle Ages: This Changes Everything ⚔️

What was life like in the Middle Ages? How does it compare to today?

That was our driving question for our project on The Middle Ages! We’ve been working on this project for a while now and we just wrapped it up recently. This blog post is going to tell you all about that project and what I did/ learnt throughout the project!


First off, I’d like to talk about the competencies we used in this project. The first one was Comprehend. This one was all about using literacy skills to read listen and view texts. I think that I demonstrated competency throughout the project and mostly through the part of the project where we read The Book Of The Lion. I think I used most to all of the skills that I listed below in this literacy plan that we wrote at the start of the reading.

Literacy plan for book of the lion

The other competency was Continuity and Change. This one was the competency that we focused most on. I believe I demonstrated this competency well  and I think I was able to identify the continuities and changes between the Middle Ages and now. A part of the project where I demonstrated this competency would be in my Connector role of our reading.



The Book Of The Lion

We read this book over about a month, every week we changed roles to reflect on the book, and we were in groups doing something called book chats. Over the course of these weeks there were 3 roles; Summerizer, Connector, Artist. All of the roles combined were Milestone 3. I thought this Milestone was quite important because it lasted for a long time. There were about 6 people in the book chat groups, and our roles switched every week, therefore having 2 people in each role per week.
This book was a bit of a roller coaster, and I’m not really sure what I thought about it. I think it was okay, but I probably wouldn’t have kept reading it if it weren’t for school. It’s not like it was torture to read it just wasn’t my favourite

This story was about the Crusades and a guy named Edmund who was becoming a knight along his journey. I think I learnt quite a bit of information from this book and it was pretty useful.

Here’s the book : The Book of The Lion By Micheal Cadnum

The Presentation

We did a partner project! We chose 2 topics based on the Middle Ages and did research on them to present the continuity and change of them. My partner was   Simon   and he showed change for crossbows, and I showed continuity for boats. I think the presentation went okay except for a few small things like leaning and eye contact. We took videos of the presentation itself, here’s mine: Video


The Feudal System

We also learnt about the feudal system. The feudal system was the social classes of the society in the Middle Ages. It was like this :

The Crusades

The crusades was what our whole project revolved around. The crusades was a war between the Christians and pretty much anyone else who wasn’t Christian. It was Pope Urban the II that started this war by introducing the fear of the other to society. The battle went on for a long time with many people crusading around.


The End

The end of the Middle Ages came when the Black Death ( The Plague ) came around and killed of a lot of people. This set people on the course of “Maybe god isn’t real.” Type of thing. This also started the renaissance, which in French means rebirth, and set history on a course. That’s what we have just started learning, it’s our new project! I’m sure there will be a blog post in the future about the renaissance, Coming March!



Thank you for reading my blog post on The Middle Ages! Be sure to comment!