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DI-ing inside: Destination Imagination Regional Tournament

The past term we have been working on a tournament called DESTINATION IMAGINATION. Every second day we have met up with our teams and made our challenges complete. My category was technical, and our challenge was called The Big Fix. We had to build an invention to solve a problem, or problems. Here is that…

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It’s the End of the Project As We Know It!

     For the past few weeks we have been working on a project called; It’s The End Of The World As We Know It. This project has been about the Renaissance and our transition from elementary school to high school. The driving question for this project was; What challenged your worldview from elementary to high…

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The Ultimate Blog Post 💎

For the second and last project of term 2, we have been working on a project called : THE ULTIMATE DESIGN CHALLENGE. In this project, we had to come up with a design to 3D print at the end of the project. We also had to make calculations and measure the design, to find the…

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