The Ultimate Blog Post 💎

For the second and last project of term 2, we have been working on a project called : THE ULTIMATE DESIGN CHALLENGE. In this project, we had to come up with a design to 3D print at the end of the project. We also had to make calculations and measure the design, to find the surface area and volume, then we had put them in a ratio. The driving question for this project was: How can we maximize the surface area or volume of an object? 

To answer this question my group and I designed a pool. We included several shapes, here’s the pool and links to their blogs: 






We designed this pool over the course of this project and we decided to put a living room in the middle of the pool to add some interesting factors into the design. We made our design on, we learned how to use the program, and then we designed our object. We were supposed to print it out, but I think our design was a bit too complicated for the 3D printer so we didn’t end up with it.

Now here are the competencies that we worked on during this project:

Communicating and representing; 

This competency was all about explaining and justifying mathematical ideas and decisions. I think that when it comes to explaining our ideas and decisions I did well. In our presentation I probably could’ve been more clear, but I do think that I did well and that the mathematical message was being received by the people watching the presentation, (in the presentation part of the project), or things like that. I think I did well.

Applying and innovating;

This competency is all about contributing to others, community and the world through personal or collaborative approaches. I think that when collaborating with others I do well. I think in this project it was very easy to contribute ideas and collaborate with others to make our ultimate design. I helped maintain our project and make our presentation. For this competency I think I did really well, because I understood it and went through with it.

Reasoning and analyzing;

This competency was all about modelling math in contextualized experiences. I think that math definitely isn’t my strongest suit, however, I think I did well to the best of my ability with the calculations and the workbooks. When doing math I can get a bit out of focus, but I can still get the work done. So for this competency I think I did well because of my mathematical skills.