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For the past term, we have been working on a tournament called Destination Imagination. In February we presented our final projects at the Regional Tournament. We were going to be presenting upgraded versions of our projects, on April 4th, at Provincials, but unfortunately, like most things in the time of the coronavirus, it got cancelled. However, PLP teams still presented, on zoom. Here’s the link to our Regional tournament presentation: DI regionals

Before I talk about the ways we improved our presentation after spring break, I first want to say that we did lots of work after the Regional tournament. We were improving our backdrops, so that they could change smoothly. We were also in the middle of making our invention more technical, because as it started it was just a circuit in a box. Then when we got back from spring break, we couldn’t improve on what we had anymore.

When we went back to school after spring break, things were definitely different, considering we were all at home, and doing school on zoom. My team and I decided to meet up everyday until our presentation, which was about 4 or 5 days to plan a new presentation in a way that we could interact on zoom. We made lots of changes and I think we did a really good job improvising it. Our whole challenge was a skit and an invention, so re-creating the skit while all of our props and the invention were still at school was difficult. But we did it. We managed to make another invention and figure out backdrops and other props and things like that.

There are a few big changes were made that I would like to acknowledge, because they’re probably the biggest changes we made to make this skit work. One of the biggest changes we made to the performance was the level of enthusiasm, which we brought up a lot. We also improved our overall story, because at regionals it was a bit vague. But our biggest improvement was definitely our background changes, because we were on zoom, we could use virtual backgrounds, so that helped.




There was still one competency that we worked on throughout the project that I think my team and I succeeded at. The competency was Research and Understand. We definitely improved on this competency throughout the project and I think by the end of the project I improved on this competency and understood the project.

So overall, I think that on zoom, we did way better than we did at regionals, and we definitely made our presentation the best to our abilities. My team members for this project were: EvelynAnnieQuinn, and Nate.

Thank you for reading my blog post!! Be sure to comment!! 😃


indiras • April 10, 2020

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